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Forwater CDA Filter

Forwater CDA Filter
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Price: 45,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Available Accessories
Forwater Cartridge Replacement for CDA FilterForwater Cartridge Replacement for CDA Filter
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
22,00Euro [TaxInc]
Forwater CDA Resin 1000mlForwater CDA Resin 1000ml
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
18,80Euro [TaxInc]

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FORWATER CDA FILTER is a system designed and optimized for the treatment of air for foams and equipment in order to eliminate the carbon dioxide and acid contaminants present.

The filtration takes place through an inner cartridge FORWATER CDA10 made with a special filter material capable of retaining and neutralizing the acid contaminants present in the air with the highest absorption capacity existing: 1 liter of product absorbs up to 150 liters of pollutants present in 'air.

CDA AIR FILTRATION has the ability to flush out color during shrinking from white to purple with a remarkable chromatic effect. Exhaustion is highlighted by the progressive advancement of the purple color layer to the white layer with an obvious demarcation line.

Particularly suitable for the filtration of air for foaming where it favors a natural elevation of the water pH without the use of any chemical additive, avoiding the ingress of pollutants into the water. Simply connect the supplied silicon tube to the CDA FILTER with the inlet of the foam.

Intake air, free from contaminants and CO2, will help to increase natural pH, improve organic matter removal, and increase water transparency while avoiding accumulation of pollutants that may be present in the air used.

The internal cartridge has a variable life of 4 to 8 weeks. The duration can vary depending on the type of equipment used, the degree of pollution, the size of the skimmer, the air flow rate.

Suitable for aquariums up to 1000 lt.

Particularly suitable for units that work in closed and unheated environments, in the presence of high smog and pollution, to significantly increase the air quality used and entered into the units.

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Forwater CDA Filter 
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