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Forwater Deultra - Deionizing filter for ultrapure water

Forwater Deultra - Deionizing filter for ultrapure water
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Price: 55,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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DEULTRA is the first deionizer designed and manufactured to treat and filter water from reverse osmosis plants, demineralization or post osmosis plants for the production of ultra pure water.

Ultra-pure water is formed only of H 2 0 and H + and OH - ions in equilibrium with a conductivity of 0.054 uS / cm at 25 ° C equal to a resistivity of 18.3 MOhm. 0.054 is the lowest purity value that water can achieve.

Recommended for obtaining water with the lowest degree of purity for use in aquariums, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, dentistry, dental offices and for all other uses where pure water is needed.

Particularly suitable as a second post-osmosis filter in reverse osmosis or demineralization systems to refine the water produced and achieve very low levels of purity and free of contaminants and pollutants.

The double seal external container ensures a perfect seal, the internal cartridge is designed to allow a forced passage of water through the resin avoiding the formation of preferential channels.

The system is complete with a practical and resistant white painted steel bracket for wall fixing and connection tube.

DEULTRA is supplied ready for use and installation is very simple and takes place in minutes. Just insert the good water pipe coming from the osmosis system (permeated) or from a post filter into the quick coupling fitting of the deionizer and after a few minutes completely deionized water will come out.

The internal cartridge contains the ULTRA; a mixture of the latest generation of high performance resins.

The resin does not release toxic or unwanted substances and the water thus treated can be used immediately.

DEULTRA is the first post-osmosis system for the production of ultrapure water ready for use for the treatment of water from osmosis plants or as the second post-osmosis stage guaranteeing a complete reduction of total dissolved solids until reaching high purity values.

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Forwater Deultra - Deionizing filter for ultrapure water 
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