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Forwater Desilco Plus (Deionized Post Reverse Indicator with exhaustion Toning Color + TDS measurement)

Forwater Desilco Plus (Deionized Post Reverse Indicator with exhaustion Toning Color + TDS measurement)
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Price: 81,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Forwater Desilco Plus (Deionized Post Reverse Indicator with exhaustion Toning Color + TDS measurement)

Applications: fresh and salt water Aquariums


DESILCO PLUS is a post osmosis and deionized antisilicati with immediate reading of water quality produced by a conductivity meter in line.

Made and designed to treat water from reverse osmosis systems or demineralization is indicated and recommended for pure water to be allocated to aquaria, laboratories, pharmaceutical, dental and all other uses where you need to have the purest water and has no silicates, phosphates, nitrates, organic matter and contaminants in general.


The gauge of TDS (total dissolved solids) which is fitted to the system ensures a constant check on the quality of inbound and outbound monitoring the conductivity to ppm:

  • Measuring the conductivity of inlet allows to know the value of water produced by reverse osmosis or other system and check the status of efficiency of the membranes and filters.
  • Measuring the conductivity of output allows to know the value of purity deionized water produced by and see the state of exhaustion of the resins.

DESILCO PLUS is made in Italy by FORWATER using components of the highest quality and completely non-toxic products in Europe and USA.

Use with quick connect fittings for food and drinking water.

The new outer container with double seal ensures leak-proof and with complete transparency to ensure proper display and perfect control of the indicator changes color during the exhaustion of the resin inside. The internal cartridge is designed to allow a forced passage of water through the resin so that the resin can filter the flow of water through it avoiding the formation of preferential channels.

The system comes complete with a handy, durable white painted steel bracket for wall mounting positioned on the head, the key to the tightening of container and hose.

DESILCO PLUS is supplied ready for use and installation is simple and takes place in minutes. Simply insert the tube sound coming from the installation osmosis water (permeate) in connection with quick connect and after a few minutes of deionized water will come out completely ionized and non-silicon ready for use. The plant can handle up to 3000 liters of water reverse osmosis units.

The internal cartridge contains the SILC a mixture of resins with excellent chemical and physical performance suitable for the production of fully deionized water and free of silicates, nitrates and phosphates of the highest quality.

The SILC is a resin complete with a high degree of purity to eliminate everything that is present in the water making it no phosphates, nitrates, silicates, heavy metals and other toxic compounds and unwanted. Thanks to its high level of absorption can work in depths where other resins do not arrive, bringing the conductivity to values below 0.1 to 0.05 microsiemens.

The resin has the ability to turn color when exhausted going from emerald green to blue with a significant color effect and visual. This guarantees the user to know the state of efficiency and exhaustion of the resin and to know when it's time to replace it without the help of expensive electronic equipment.

The resin does not release toxic or undesirable, does not alter the pH and the water so treated, it can 'be used immediately.

DESILCO osmosis system is the ready post the indicator changes color deionizzanti resins and antisilicati with a gauge in line for the conductivity to ppm designed to treat water from reverse osmosis system to achieve complete reduction of total solids dissolved to reach values of high purity and free of all unwanted components such as silicates, phosphates, nitrates, heavy metals, organic matter.

Uses and applications:

  • Post filtration for reverse osmosis systems
  • Post filtration for reverse osmosis systems for the production of ultrapure water for aquariums
  • Post filtration systems demineralization
  • Production of small quantities of pure water with water network
  • Converts a plant in a plant RO RO / DI
  • Converts a plant RO / DI in a plant RO/DI silicates

Deionized consisting of:  

  • External box dual seal non-toxic and completely transparent to see the degree of exhaustion of the resin
  • Full internal cartridge transparent resin
  • Conductivity measurement in ppm to display the degree of purity of the water produced
  • Couplings
  • Wall mounting bracket positioned on the container
  • Key clamping
  • Pipe
  • Use and maintenance manual in Italian

Technical characteristics:  

  • Attacks IN-OUT: ¼ "
  • Height: 310 mm
  • Diameter: 110 mm



  • Periodically clean with cold water and a soft sponge container at each change of resin
  • Replace the transparent glass every 5 years
  • Periodically clean probes of the meter in line


General safety:  

  • Do not use with compressed air and gas
  • Do not use for hot water


Parts: Resins SILCO

The plant is supplied assembled and ready for use with the use and maintenance manual with clear and detailed instructions in Italian.





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Forwater Desilco Plus (Deionized Post Reverse Indicator with exhaustion Toning Color + TDS measurement) 
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