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EQUO Salino Ca&Mg Reaktor 5Kg - Integrator Of Calcium And Magnesium

EQUO Salino Ca&Mg Reaktor 5Kg - Integrator Of Calcium And Magnesium
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Price: 34,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: EQUO Salino Ca&Mg Reaktor 5Kg - Integrator Of Calcium And Magnesium



Integrator of Calcium and Magnesium
In recent years, with continual technological development, even in our sector, we have witnessed
the proliferation of more and more modern and sophisticated technology. This technology has
allowed us to create conditions of total well-being for our animals (filters which are more and more
efficient, lights which are a perfect imitation of sunlight, water which is circulated by computerized
systems) and the ability to create an environment which permits reproduction, development and
improved growth of many marine invertebrates, even those species which are considered difficult
to breed. Technology alone, however, is not enough and it is necessary to combine it with the use
of supplements, which create chemical conditions comparable to those found in nature, consenting
a dosage of mineral salts and trace elements, which are regularly consumed by the inhabitants of
the aquarium during metabolic processes.
Equo, in order to compensate for the lack of these salts, has created a line of products which are
specifically for marine aquariums…. accurate in its choice of components, in the quality of
materials, its practicality in use and above all in its effectiveness.
Magnesium and calcium are two essential elements in the biology of marine organisms as well as
two of the principle components of natural marine water (respectively third and fifth in terms of
concentration). Calcium ions, in particular, are considered real building blocks which, when
combined in solution with carbonate ions, allow the growth of coral scelectrical structures and other
invertebrates from natural barrier reefs, as in an aquarium. Furthermore, both the ions are
involved in the complex balance which regulates the pH and alcalinity within the aquarium.
SALINO Ca & Mg REAKTOR JUMBO has been developed by Equo to allow the maintenance of
optimal concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium (respectively about 450 and 1300 mg/l), even
in barrier aquariums, rich in coral and calcareous algae, where there is an elevated absorbtion by
the organisms themselves. The SALINO Ca & Mg REAKTOR JUMBO granules have been
studied to be used in a normal reactor for calcium, but thanks to its Magnesium-enriched
composition, it is able to contribute to the stabilization of both the ions in the aquarium, by simply
blowing in a controlled quantity of CO2. Thanks to its particular formulation, obtained through the
use of Calcium and Magnesium compounds of differing composition and nature, SALINO Ca & Mg
REAKTOR JUMBO is characterized by an elevated solubility and an extremely high output which
allows one to obtain stable and reproduceable concentrations of calcium and magnesium with a
low consumption of CO2. Furthermore, thanks to the purity of its components, SALINO Ca & Mg
REAKTOR JUMBO does not release phosphates or silicates into the aquarium.
Calcium and Magnesium Carbonates , Aragonite.
Fill the Calcium reactor with SALINO Ca & Mg REAKTOR JUMBO and administer CO2 , setting
the bubble flow in such a way to obtain the desired Calcium and Magnesium from the reactor. The
optimal value of Calcium and Magnesium coming out depends on the particular characteristics of
your aquarium (the quantity of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions consumed, depends on the number and type of
organisms present in the aquarium) and can, therefore vary for each singular aquarium. SALINO
Ca & Mg REAKTOR JUMBO, reacting with CO2, dissolves in water and therefore it's normal to
note the lowering of the level in the reactor: when the level decreases, add further product in order
to maintain the same quantity in the reactor.
PHRASES S: S2 KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. S46 If swallowed, consult a doctor
immediately and show them the container or label. Safety instructions available on request for
professional use or on the site:
Store the product in a cool dry place. Product is not destined for fish breeding for human
consumption. Equo reserves the right to change the product without prior warning. Equo does not
respond to damage caused to things, animals or people due to improper use of the product. Equo
products are tested in laboratories.

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EQUO Salino Ca&Mg Reaktor 5Kg - Integrator Of Calcium And Magnesium 
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