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EQUO Remover NH3 6 Phial

EQUO Remover NH3 6 Phial
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Price: 12,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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The aquariums are closed systems, where on the contrary a continuous supply of water is not guaranteed of natural ecosystems (seas, lakes and rivers). However inside an aquarium, as well as in nature, they are produced potentially toxic pollutants because of biological processes (respiration and excretion) of hosted bodies. These substances are to be properly maintained below certain levels in order to keep the populations of fish, plants and invertebrates. This process, called water biocondizionamento, allows organisms to live in the best way the ecosystem aquarium; in other words, through the water conditioner is going to remove, or decrease, the concentrations of potentially toxic substances, possibly adding other beneficial. The transformation of organic nitrogen contained in organic matter decomposition, the leftover food, in waste products of organisms, is a constant source of ammonia through a biochemical process called "ammonification". This process is put in place by particular bacteria that degrade amino acids (oxidative deamination), turn the Amino nitrogen (NH2) in ammonia (NH3) in the environment. The fish also eliminate
Ammonia directly into the water through the gills. This means that the ammonia is concentrated in the water directly, and even if the fish are fasting (ie. Within the carrying bag). The molecules of ammonia produced in the aquarium are highly toxic to organisms also hosted in low concentrations. REMOVER NH3 neutralizes toxic ammonia by turning it into a non-toxic molecule (salt amminometansolfonato), readily biodegradable biological filtering through nitrification. REMOVER NH3 also removes chlorine and chloramines. The concomitant presence of the extract of Aloe Vera, for its richness in acemannan and glycosides, favors the reinforcement of
immune system and the skin's health and gills. Also it contributes to the reduction of negative effects of stress. Useful for the immediate start of new aquariums and for the transport of fish. STRENGTHS: a vial of 5 ml per 200 liters of fresh water. One ampoule in 200 liters clear about 1mg / l ammonia, in fresh and salt water. The combined use with NUTROBACT, BACTERYA and / or BIONITRONEX, will facilitate an early start of the nitrogen cycle.

COMPOSITION: Water osmosis, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate, sodium formaldehyde bisulfite.

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EQUO Remover NH3 6 Phial 
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