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Equo ProBact 24 Vials of 5ml

Equo ProBact 24 Vials of 5ml
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Price: 32,79Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Equo ProBact, probiotic complex of photosynthetic bacteria

Liquid biological activator

The aquariums represent a closed environment in which, in contrast to the natural environments such as lakes and rivers, a continuous exchange of water is not guaranteed.
Inside the aquarium, when you enter nature, pollutants and toxic substances are produced deriving from the metabolism of the host organisms. These substances must be neutralized so as not to harm the health of fish, plants and invertebrates.
The decomposition of organic nitrogen, such as amino acids present in waste products, organic rotting substance and food scraps, is a constant source of ammonia through a process called "ammonification". This process is carried out by particular bacteria which, by degrading the amino nitrogen, release ammonia.
Ammonia molecules, so produced in the aquarium, are highly toxic even in reduced concentrations for host organisms, and therefore in order not to harm they must undergo the consequences of oxidation by free bacteria:
• a process called nitrification, in which the nitrificators are distinguished, which transform ammonia into nitrite (NO2);
• a process called nitration in which the nitrate bacteria, in turn, oxidize the nitrates and contribute to the production of nitrates (N03).
The set of processes described above is known as the "nitrogen cycle".
Nitrates in concentrations up to (20 mg / l) are not toxic to organisms raised in the aquarium and their concentration can be kept under control by means of changes in knowledge and / or the use of special adsorbents in the filter.
The aquarium, just set up, is free of microorganisms (bacteria) necessary to trigger the nitrogen cycle.

Probact is a probiotic complex based on photosynthetic and non-bacterial bacteria, and selected probiotic bacterial consortia; each vial contains over 500 families.

Probact synthesizes B vitamins, from the cellular metabolism of other non-pathogenic bacteria (Bacterya, Bio-Alganez, Bio-Extra).
in all types of environment, even the most unfavorable, by metabolizing the pollutants and making them available on the bacterial strains of the above-mentioned products, optimizing their purification and anti-algae yield.
it improves bacterial metabolism and therefore the speed of biodegradation avoiding the pressure of the dissolved oxygen in water
immediate increase of drugs and polluting organic substances, even in high concentrations or in hardly biodegradable form
synthesizes and releases molecules with antibiotic and antiviral action, ability to prevent the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms and therefore to sanitize the system subjected to treatment

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Equo ProBact 24 Vials of 5ml 
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