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EQUO Florido Tabs 12 - Complete Fertilizer in tablets - Jolly Line

EQUO Florido Tabs 12 - Complete Fertilizer in tablets - Jolly Line
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Price: 12,60Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: EQUO Florido Tabs 12 - Complete Fertilizer in tablets



Complete Fertilizer in tablets
Over and above Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen present in water and in CO2 in which gases are
present, other elements which are essential for the correct growth of all aquatic plants exist.  
Amongst these are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which are present in proteins, enzymes
and nucleic acids as well as many other molecules.  The aquarium plants can take in  these
elements both from the substrata and the water as they are able to absorb these nutrients through
their leaves as well as their roots. In the case of even one of these elements not being present in
the aquarium in a stable concentration, the plants would not be able to grow normally and therefore complete their life cycle.    Nitrogen can be absorbed by the plants if it is present either in nitrate
ions (NO3-), ammonia ions (NH4+) and less frequently in elementary organic form such as urea,
amino acids etc.  After C, O and H, nitrogen is the most important of the elements essential for the
development of organic vegetation, as it constitutes between 1.5 and 3% of the total mass, while
phosphorous constitutes between 0.1 and 0.5%.  Finally, even the potassium ion, present as an
ion and not as a complex organic molecule, can reach a concentration of 1% of the total mass of
the plants, carrying out a fundamental role in the process of respiration and photosynthesis.  The
absence of these elements in the aquarium or their not ideal balance, can heavily condition the
development of the aquatic plants.  FLORIDO TABS is a source of nitrogen, phosphorous and
potassium, mixed in the correct proportions which allow the controlled slow release of such
elements directly in the aquarium bed.  For the optimal development of the plants present in your
aquarium the combined use of FLORIDA liquid fertilizer, in the correct doses depending on the
aquarium being prepared.  FLORIDO TABS can be used both in the phase of preparation (if
VIGOR PLUS is not used),  as well as in aquariums which are already working,by placing the
tablets delicately into the substrata at the base of the roots.  
Nitrates, Phosphates and inorganic mixes of Potassium.
One or two  tablets  for an aquarium of 100l,with an average population of plants, to a maximum of
5 tablets in the case of an ADA aquarium.  At a temperature of 25C°, the tablets have a duration of
4-5 months.

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EQUO Florido Tabs 12 - Complete Fertilizer in tablets - Jolly Line 
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