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EQUO Filtra5 1L

EQUO Filtra5 1L
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Price: 23,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: EQUO Filtra5 1L




 The aquariums are a closed environment, in which , contrary to the natural environments such as seas, lakes and rivers , there is no guarantee a continuous supply of water. Inside the aquarium, as in nature, are produced toxic pollutants resulting from the metabolism of organisms housed. Such substances should be adequately neutralized so as not to harm the health of fish, plants and invertebrates. The decomposition of organic nitrogen , such as amino acids present in the waste products, in decaying organic matter and the leftover food , are a constant source of ammonia through a process called " ammonification " . This process is implemented by that particular bacteria , degrading the amino nitrogen , free ammonia. The molecules of ammonia thus produced in the aquarium , they are highly toxic even in low concentrations to host organisms, and therefore do no harm must undergo two further oxidation by bacteria free :

a process called nitrification , in which we distinguish the nitrifying bacteria , which convert ammonia into nitrite ( NO2)
a process called nitration in which bacteria nitratatori , in turn , oxidize nitrite and contribute to the production of nitrates ( N03 ) .

The set of processes described above is known as " nitrogen cycle ." II nitrate in concentrations up to (20 mg / lt ) are not toxic to the organisms bred in the aquarium and their concentration can be kept under control by means of regular water changes and / or the use of special adsorbents in the filter . FILTRA5 is a mixture in the correct percentages from 5 filter elements ( ADSORBO , DEPURO MARINO, REMOVER NO3 , REMOVER PO4 & SiO2 , STILLA ), created to meet the needs of all small aquariums , both freshwater and marine , the where the capacity of the filter is not sufficient to contain multiple different types of filter materials, resins , and polymers. ADSORBO : effective for the removal of organic substances and minerals. The fundamental characteristic of ADSORBO is precisely the presence of cavities and holes connected by channels , to form a real network . The cavities have molecular sizes and can adsorb those chemical species small enough to pass through the channels . This particular structural feature confers to zeolites unique physico-chemical properties , through which can be used as real " molecular sieves " in order to purify and separate substances . DEPURO MARINO : charcoal from coconut, overactive specifically for fresh and marine water , thanks to a special production process minimizes the risk due to the release of unwanted inorganic substances , has a very low ash content, which does not alter the pH of the water , given the high porous surface provides a high contact with water , and then a optimal effectiveness of purification . REMOVER NO3 : is an effective method for the reduction of nitrates and phosphates in the tank. The pellets of which it is composed , in fact , constitute a preferred substrate for the development of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that utilize nitrates and phosphates as a nutrient ; these two compounds are then " immobilized " on pellets REMOVER NO3 and in this way removed from the tub. REMOVER PO4 & SiO2 : Effective in the reduction of phosphates and silicates , thanks to the specially tailored particle size . Prevents possible deterioration to corals caused by inhibition of calcification processes by phosphates. It prevents unwanted algae . It does not release soluble compounds of aluminum or other harmful substances. STILLA : support biomineral ultraporoso where bacteria can settle and perform their purifying action getting the right amount of water and oxygen are used families of bacteria ( Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter ) , which through the nitrogen cycle transform ammonia into nitrite and subsequently nitrates , much less toxic . ADVANTAGES : complete cycle nitrogen ; permanent removal of ammonium ion (NH4 + ) and ' ammonia ( NH3) ; effective reduction of the organic load and in particular of phosphate (PO4) and nitrates ( NO3) resulting in inhibition of growth of algae weeds , high water clarity , elimination of bad odors water . COMPOSITION: Granular Activated alumina (Al2O3 > 90%), coconut charcoal , pumice stone, organic, biodegradable polymer , zeolite . INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the content in two socks and rinse the product under running water to remove any dust or debris. Then insert in the compartment of the biological filter, protect against coarse dirt by placing them after the mechanical filter .

Replace the contents of a sock at a time at each change of water or 30 days. DOSAGE : 100 ml are sufficient for an aquarium filter of 30-50 liters.

Treats up to 500 liters

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EQUO Filtra5 1L 
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