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EQUO Bacterya 24Phial - Biological Liquid Activator

EQUO Bacterya 24Phial - Biological Liquid Activator
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Price: 27,21Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: EQUO Bacterya 24Phial - Biological Liquid Activator




Biological liquid activator
Aquariums are controlled environments, in which, contrary to natural environments such as the sea, rivers or lakes, there is no guarantee of continuous water change.
Inside the tank, as in nature, pollutants and toxic substances are produced by the metabolism of the organisms inhabiting it. These substances must be adequately equalized to avoid harming the health of fish, plants and invertebrates.
The decomposition of organic nitrogen such as, the amino acids present in waste products, in the putrefaction in organic substances and left over food, constitute a constant source of ammonia through a process known as “Amoniafication”. This process is set in motion by specific bacteria which, by breaking down the amino-nitrogen, gives off ammonia.
The ammonia molecules produced are highly toxic, even in a low concentration, for the organisms living in the aquarium, and therefore must undergo two further oxidation reactions by free bacteria in order to render the ammonia harmless:
- a process called nitrification, in which nitrifying bacteria plays a major part transforming ammonia in nitrites (NO2)
- a process known as nitration in which the nitrating bacteria oxidise the nitrites and contributes to the production of nitrates (NO3)
The abovementioned process is known as “The nitrogen cycle”.
Nitrates in concentrations up to 20 mg/lt are not toxic for the organisms in the aquarium and their concentrations can be kept under control by regularly changing the water and/or the use of the appropriate absorbent substances in the filter.
A newly set up aquarium has no micro organisms (bacteria) to set the nitrogen cycle in motion: BACTERYA is a biological liquid activator composed of selected bacteria and enzymes which allows the complete nitrogen cycle.

- Rapid action thanks to the synergistic action of the nitrifying bacteria which complete the reaction from ammonia to nitrates.
- the presence of anaerobic micro organisms which complete the nitrogen cycle transforming nitrates into molecular nitrogen (N2).
- It accelerates the nitrification process even with BOD5 values above 200ml 02/l (highly polluted conditions)
- Pollution reduction inhibits proliferation of micro-organisms
- 100% efficient and easy to use thanks to disposable phials.
- The product can be handled without particular precautions as it isn’t harmful.

A mixture of bacterial cultures selected from Nitrosomonas spp, Nitrobacter spp. and optional anaerobic Bacillus.

Setting up or as treatment:
-Fresh water: one 5ml phial of BACTERYA for every 50 l of water
-Salt water: two 5ml phials of BACTERYA for every 50 l of water
Maintenance or after a water change:
Weekly dosage:
-Fresh water: one 5ml phial of BACTERYA for every 1000 l of water
-Salt water: one 5ml phial of BACTERYA for every 500 l of water

Shake phial before use, withdraw the liquid with the pipette provided. Pour the necessary quantity directly into the biological filter.

In order to survive, and to carry out their vital functions the colonies of bacteria require nutriment (carbohydrates, proteins, etc.), we therefore suggest, particularly when setting up a new aquarium, to add BACTERYA to fresh water aquariums after having inserted plants and in marine aquariums after inserting the live rocks.
To help them survive, you can add some drops of amino acids or a pinch of fish food.

Content: 12 - 24 5ml phial e

All of Équo’s products have been tested in a laboratory


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EQUO Bacterya 24Phial - Biological Liquid Activator 
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