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Environment Aquarium Soil
Environment Aquarium Soil
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Environment Aquarium Soil Powder Type 4 liters

Environment Aquarium Soil Powder Type 4 liters
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Price: 20,95Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Environment Aquarium Soil Powder Type 4 liters



Soil Environment Aquarium is a substrate specially designed and developed for the cultivation of aquatic plants and to recreate the 'ideal habitat for fish and shrimp.

It 'an absolutely natural product, made from a combination of various types of lands sterilizzat, and highly recommended for those who want a healthy and vigorous growth of their plants or for those who want to re-create the ideal living conditions for tropical fish and shrimp thanks to fulvic acids it contains.

It also contains other special components that maintain pH levels between 5.5 and 6.5.

In this way the 'habitat of your aquarium will be surprisingly similar to the natural and you can place the plant in the days immediately following the' application of the fund.


     place the product on the bottom of the 'aquarium before pouring the' water in the tank, it is not necessary to rinse the substrate before
     pour l 'water in the tub, taking care not to destabilize the substrate (you could use a flat place in the bottom so that' s not going to end water poured directly onto the product causing unwanted movements)


     after 'applicaizone, l' water could intorbidirsi up, this is a natural process that is extinguished within 24-48 hours
    do not use with an undergravel filter
     as the product tends to have lower kh and pH is not recommended 'use with fish or plants that require another pH value

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Environment Aquarium Soil Powder Type 4 liters 
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