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Elos Terra Natural Soil Small 5 Lt

Elos Planta 1 250ml
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Price: 36,60Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Elos Terra Natural Soil Small 5 Lt


General Information:


The bottom in natural rivers and lakes consists of a big range of various, all in all, permeable materials, which, thanks to the sediments inside, provide all the requested organic and inorganic nutrients. These are the elementary conditions for the optimal population of plants, micro-organism and animals living in the ground.Until now, several different type of gravels and mineral complex mixtures have been used in aquarium, to reproduce conditions similar to the natural biotope of tropical fish and aquatic plants, with dubious results. The maintenance of complex and tightly planted biotope in nature aquariums has been reserved for only few enthusiasts who developed their own recipe.

ELOS Terra gives you, for the first time, the ability to recreate without problems the typical conditions normally found in the natural tropical ground. ELOS Terra is a pure, natural product especially treated for aquaristic use. It is hand-selected, sieved and sterilised using an unique process that preserve its natural characteristics. Because of its natural consistence and the gentle processing, the nutrients inside have been preserved completely, so that your aquarium plants will immediately find optimal conditions in the ground necessary to encourage the formation of roots and growth of the plants.

In addition to that ELOS Terra modifies the water conditions. It absorbs floating particles and cloudiness from the water, decreases KH and total hardness and neutralises the PH-level. The use of RO or ion exchange resin will in general not be necessary anymore.


  • encourages the formation of roots and the growth of the plants due to its natural composition
  • creates perfect growth-conditions even for difficult and sensitive plants (Eleocharis, Glossostigma, Rotala, etc.) by natural soft consistence
  • decreases KH - and total hardness
  • neutralises the PH-level
  • removes/absorbs actively floating substances and cloudiness in the water
  • ideal substrate even for bottom feederELOS Terra is available in two different grain sizes and so useful for small, middle-sized and big aquariums.


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Elos Terra Natural Soil Small 5 Lt 
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