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Elos SVM2 65gr

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Price: 14,16Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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General Information:

While we are used While we are used to change our diet day by day, our aquarium marine fishes are usually fed with the same food for long period. When we come to the need to feed our fish, unless we own an aquarium populated mainly by Soft corals, where high level of nutrients is not a discriminant factor we are faced to the need to decide whether we want fish in perfect health condition or colorful SPS corals.
It is well known that, in an aquarium populated by corals, it is important to avoid the need of medicine treatment and increase in PO4 as well as NO3 levels. Where SPS are also present, it become even more important to keep a low level of nutrients inside the water to avoid our corals to lose their colors, but it is meanwhile important to keep fish in perfect health conditions.

Formulated with high quality ingredients providing high digestibility and palatability, with Elos SVM, we have developed the first high-nutrition fish food dedicated to feed the fish of our reef aquarium. Made to protect our fish' health, Elos SVM is a complete balanced formula, with all the requested nutrients, saltwater crustaceans and 14 marine derived vitamins to grant growth, spawning activity and health of the tropical marine fishes.

With the use of Beta-Glucans we add natural substances into the food, which, scientifically tested and proven stimulate the macrophages, specialized cells within the body of the fish, that check and control the pathogenic agents development. Since its introduction in 1997 it has been proven by top fish breeders that Elos SVM can be used to enhance fishes' immunity and successfully strengthen their resistance against bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.

Implementing the OSCAR technology, a "post-extrusion" system to incorporate high nutrition level into standard extruded fish food, we have increased the level of Bio-availability of our food.

Particular attention has been paid to the origin of the marine ingredients in order to ensure the optimum ratios of the essential fatty acids. Using Low temperature Extrusion, and LT raw material, heat-sensitive nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins are unharmed.
All this leads to a high degree of feed digestibility and nutrient value taking to the need of less food thus significantly reducing the level of organic waste into the water.

Many types of seafood contains various inorganic phosphate salts intentionally added to them as preservatives. Using aluminium cans/bags and taking particular care on the packing system which is made into controlled atmosphere, we reduce the need to exceed with preservatives thus significantly reducing the level of PO4 released to the water.


  • Use of Beta Glucans: to improve fishes' resistance and survival rates
  • High natural astaxanthin pigment levels: to enhance fish colors
  • Superior nutritional profiles: strong>Potent flavourant/feed attractant: resulting in improved feed uptake and Food Conversion Ratios (FCRs)

The pure aluminium packaging of Elos SVM has been developed to protect the food from external influences that could decrease the quality damaging the nutritional value.


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Elos SVM2 65gr 
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