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Elos ExpertLine Extra KHBuffer 500ml

Elos ExpertLine Extra KHBuffer 500ml
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Price: 21,35Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Elos ExpertLine Extra KHBuffer 500ml


Complex formulation of buffer substances, designed to adjust the 'alkalinity in the aquarium' s fresh and marine water.

Its use is necessary to hinder, fluctuations in pH keeping the KH (carbonate hardness) at the right level.

Elos KH + is a product designed not only to increase the level of KH but also to improve its long-term stability.

Suitable to be used also to those who employs the method Balling, in combination with ExtraCalcum and ExtraMagnesium and Elos to the line of trace elements.


add on alternate days or as needed, to maintain the correct concentration KH. It is suggested that a solution by dissolving 10g of Elos KH + in 0.2 liters of 'water' s osmosis.

Each ml of the solution thus obtained will increase the concentration of KH of about 0.3 ppm in 5L d 'water.

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Elos ExpertLine Extra KHBuffer 500ml 
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Water treatment » Marine Water » Powder additives

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