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HM Electronics
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HM Electronics Cetus 2 Marine Water

HM Electronics Cetus 2 Marine Water
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Price: 238,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Available Accessories
HM Electronics Mounting Arm for Cetus 2HM Electronics Mounting Arm for Cetus 2
Limited Quantity
Limited Quantity
34,70Euro [TaxInc]

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PAR value for a 24"x18" aquarium at 52.5cm (20.6") from water surface is measured at 151 ppdf. PAR value contains light reflection inside the aquarium. Cetus 2 provide amazing uniformity coverage.

Patented real full spectrum, Cetus 2 provide element of light source the aquatics really need. Saltwater model have UV LEDs that helps motivate fluorescent pigments of corals. Freshwater model provide color rendering index more than Ra97. The unique color blending allow users to adjust color and intensity by easily selecting channels. It also gives the best photosynthesis of aquatics.



The exclusive convex & concave optic aspherical lens was sophisticated calculated based on the conclusion of optic with LED cluster. Brightest part of the center will be uniformly dispersed to both sides through the lens. Light at both sides are going to concentrate to the center. That makes distribution uniformly coverage in the aquarium. Cetus 2 is exquisite and compact at 84W high power. High quality optic and streamlined design perform excellent intensity and penetration.

Cetus 2 have advanced cooper heat path technology that perform 100 times thermal conduction faster than MCPCB. The entire designs are followed LM80 standard. Cetus 2 bring reliable life span and durable quality.


Revolutionary group control relieve troublesome setting without requiring any controller or device, all you need is a smartphone. Ultra-easy APP comes with built-in AI and friendly UI,
all can be set to fit individual preference whoever the novices or experts. The exclusive optional depth diversities simulate light source of growth environment for the aquatics.



Height adjustable mounting bracket is aluminum profile that facilitate sliding back and forth the perfect position for the aquarium. The incredible strong slim profile finish with elaborate coating. Super easy to install without drilling or damaging aquarium structure. You may also freely settle distance between 2 lightings if install with T mounting.


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HM Electronics Cetus 2 Marine Water 
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Technic » Lighting » Saltwater LED Lighting

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