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EKOMIXO automatic aquarium food feeder with electronic timer control

EKOMIXO automatic aquarium food feeder with electronic timer control
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Price: 19,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Hydor - EKOMIXO automatic aquarium food feeder with electronic timer control




Feeding spout and control

Food compartment


Battery cover



MIXO is an automatic aquarium food feeder with electronic D timer control.


Timer setting:

Attention: Timer has to be reset every time the batteries are removed for replaced.

Remove cover and insert two batteries taking care to place them with he correct polarity.

Press the SET key to start setting the actual time. Display TIME will lash during this operation at hours and minutes by pressing the HR and MIN keys.

Press SET once again to memorise. The TIME symbol disappears and: FEED will start flashing to indicate that you can enter the first feeding time setting.

Set the time by pressing HR and MIN and press SET to memorize and pass to the second feeding time setting. The second FEED will light up. Press HR and MIN until you reach the time you wish for the second feeding and memorize by pressing SET.

Display will now show the current feeding time and two FEED - FEED indicating MIXO has been programmed for two feeding cycles for day.

MIXO will automatically leave the programming mode 30 seconds after he last key has been touched.


Number of daily feed:

It is possible to omit one or both of the programmed feeding cycles it any time.

Press the SET key until the FEED corresponding to the feeding cycle you want to exclude begins to flash.

Press FISH to cancel the food symbol in front of the mouth of the fish.

Follow the same procedure to omit also the other feeding cycle.

To leave the programming mode press SET or wait 30 seconds for automatic exit.

To restart the function on hold press SET until the FEED symbol flashes and press FISH once again so that the food in front of the fish's mouth reappears.

Exit from programming function as explained above.


Manual feeding:

Manual feeding can be carried out at any time. Simply press FISH once.



One week before the batteries are totally discharged the symbol BATTERY will appear on the display to indicate that they need to be replaced. Remember to reprogram MIXO after replacing the batteries.



Whilst MIXO has been specially designed for use in aquariums it is recommended to place the unit in a position with air circulation to prevent moisture entering the food compartment.

Release the food compartment by rolling and pulling outwards.

Take off food cover (A) and fill the compartment -fig. 5/6-: do not pack the food too tightly in the compartment.

Close the food compartment and insert it into position until locking tab clicks into place.

Make sure the positioning marks coincide.

Place MIXO on the aquarium hood with the food outlet positioned over the feeding hole in the hood, finally fix with the adhesive tape sup-plied.

The hole should be at least 40 x 40 mm. If necessary, enlarge the existing hole or cut one possibly on the side opposite the filter ensuring that the hole is not over the light tubes or other accessories which could cause problems when feeding.

Whenever necessary, it is possible to connect MIXO to an air-pump to ventilate the food.

A special internal system stops the air output automatically during the feeding, thus avoiding the risk of too large a quantity of food being fed into the tank.


Adjusting the quantity of food:

Feed as much food as your fish can eat in about 5 minutes. To control the feed quantity, just press FISH and adjust by moving control on the feeding outlet until you obtain the required dosage. The automatic feeder is suitable for dry feed such as flake food and granulates. Do not use for live or frozen food!

To guarantee best distribution of flake food it is advisable to remove the small pre-cut triangle on the blue regulation (Attention, the triangle, once removed can not be replaced).



Clean the compartment and feed outlet regularly to avoid growth of moulds, etc.

In case of complete discharge of the batteries clean the seats and con­tacts in the battery chamber very carefully to avoid possible corrosion.


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EKOMIXO automatic aquarium food feeder with electronic timer control 
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