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Eheim Reeflex UV 350

Eheim Reeflex UV 350
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Price: 82,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Eheim Reeflex UV 350


The EHEIM reeflexUV clarifiers use UV-C radiation to clean aquarium water in fresh and sea water aquariums and are
operated in the filter system's water cycle (discharge side) or by using a separate circulation pump (not included).
Aquarium water permanently flows through a glass tube and past the UV-C bulb inside the aluminium body. As a result,
free-floating algae, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other pathogens are reduced or eliminated. The EHEIM reeflexUV clarifiers
ensure that aquarium water is clean and crystal-clear, keeping the fish healthy.

1. Aluminum case

2. Cover cash

3. 2 x Phillips head screws M5 x 10 mm

4. UV-C lamp

5. UV-C lamp holder

6. Apparatus for connection in series with network cable?

7. threaded sleeve

8. Connection for hoses

9. Nut (safety hose)

10. Window glass for inspection operation?

11. support

12. 6 x fixing screws for support

Open both cross-head screws  and lift up the casing cover . Pull out the UV-C bulb fitting . Carefully put the UV-C
bulb  into the fitting  until it audibly clicks in place. Carefully replace the fitting with the assembled UV-C bulb into the
casing and press down firmly. Replace the casing cover and screw down firmly.
CAUTION: Never operate UV-C bulbs outside the device.
UV-C radiation may damage the skin and eyes, even at low dose
Fasten holder and ballast in a suitable location (e.g. in the cabinet beneath the aquarium) using the screws provided
and fix UV clarifier in the holder.
CAUTION: In order to avoid any water damage, remove the filtration equipment or circulation pump before fitting
the UV clarifier into the tubing system, ensuring that the piping system no longer contains any water.
Install the UV clarifier EHEIM reeflexUV on the discharge side (return water from external filter or from circulation pump).
Slip end of hose onto the hose connection and secure with union nut     . Join the hose connection with the UV clarifier
by turning the screw sleeves and tighten until hand-tight. Put filtration equipment or circulation pump back into operation.
Follow the manufacturer's operating instructions.

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Eheim Reeflex UV 350 
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