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Eheim Prof. III- External filter Electronic 2078 1850 l/h

Eheim Prof. III- External filter Electronic 2078 1850 l/h
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Price: 360,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Product: Eheim Prof. III- External filter Electronic 2078 1850 l/h



Came the family of Eheim filters, Professional 3.
It's a filter of the latest generation, perfect in filtration and unbeatable quality.

The line has unsurpassed quality Eheim Professional 3 for a filter.
With an enormous capacity of the filter compartment, filters are reliable and durable.
The filter in fact has a capacity of 8.8 liters and measuring 26.4 x 26.4 x 53.4 cm h.
The filter consists of 4 baskets 3 of it is destined for the biological material to the towel rack and 1 mechanic and a divider for the sponge prefilter.

The filter 2078 is a filter that is suitable for aquariums up to 700 liters capacity.
The pump supplied can be adjusted in power.
At best, with full filter, it reaches the scale of 1100 liters / h.
To arrive at the minimum flow of 400 liters / h.
The pump is consuming 10 to 35 W of power.
The highest prevalence of the filter is equal to 2.6 meters.

Start the filter is very simple.
Just press the button and the auxiliary intake filter will begin to draw water for an optimum starting.
The materials that make up the filter are first quality.
Hooks allow for quick easy maintenance and safe, without fear of breaking the components.
The ceramic shaft and impeller are made of materials resistant over time.

The filter comes complete with everything needed to operate immediately.
It has in fact both sets of delivery (included the spray bar) inlet.
The tubes are supplied with the filter diameter 16/22.
In the envelope there is also the transformer to be able to attack the source with a 1.5 meter long cable.

FILTER MEDIA EQUIPMENT: prefiltrante a sponge and a sponge mechanics.

The electronics was finally also changed the way to make a filter.

Professional 3 elettronic fact has the following characteristics:

  • CONSTANT FLOW: The electronic chip automatically detects the increase of the dirt in the filter and run a rule to set flow rate. This ensures much to fix the scope of the filter take much longer.

  • ALTERNATE FLOW: The chip allows you to set a sensor that switches the flow of natural water filter to handle functions in the aquarium.  The alternation between two different electronic doors and shutters in time with an interval of 12 hours between a change in scope and more; t's can also set a function that takes 12 hours over the scale from maximum to minimum and then in the next 12 hours does the opposite.


  • ESTIMATED TIME FOR MAINTENANCE: The chip calculates the state and filter the water coming out of it, the estimated time remaining before being forced to make the next filter cleaning.  Recall that in any case it is advisable to also monitor the status of the person to continuously filter and water in the aquarium.


  • RECOGNITION AIR: The chip accepts any accumulation of air under the head of the filter and automatically downloads them in the aquarium.


  • AUTO CALIBRATION: The chip makes a constant ceck to monitor any problems the plant: if you find them errors. Automatically the system always tries to start the program set to correct the problem in progress.   The chip also performs a ceck daily to calibrate their efficiency and to reset it as scheduled, for always having the most success.

Technical characteristics:

  • Aquariums max 700 lt
  • Power 1850 l / h
  • Prevalence 260 cm
  • Consumption W 10-35
  • Volume 14.5 liters container
  • Volume filtration 8.6 lt
  • Ceramic shaft
  • Diameter suction pipe 16/22
  • Pipe diameter delivery 16/22





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Eheim Prof. III- External filter Electronic 2078 1850 l/h 
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