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EHEIM 6471221 PowerLED marine Daylight & Actinic (Bianco+Blue)

EHEIM 6471221 PowerLED marine Daylight & Actinic (Bianco+Blue)
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Price: 79,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: EHEIM 6471221 PowerLED marine Daylight & Actinic (Bianco+Blue)


The attractive round shape lamp, high quality, low energy consumption Power LED (up to '80% energy savings) distributes the light evenly throughout the tank and provides a magnificent underwater world, thanks to light spectrum and intensity of light precisely engineered for marine animals and their growth requirements. EHEIM powerLED marine "Daylight & Actinic Blue" color rendering and promotes the growth of corals. Corals appear with more vivid colors thanks to the stimulation of their natural fluorescence. The powerLED EHEIM also gives excellent performance in the range of radiation from 400 to 500 nm (the range is particularly important for photosynthesis) when compared with the fluorescent lamps commercially available.




     EHEIM Power-LED "Daylight & Actinic Blue" (mixture of blue actinic LED of 450 nm and white from 6500 K, a ratio of 2:1) and perfect for all aquariums opened with a water column height of up to 35cm.
     The plate light is composed of 81 LED of high quality interconnected, so arranged as to provide optimum illumination to the bottom of the tank (approximately 1,800 Lux).
     Energy efficiency and savings with only 7W of high consumption.
     Long product life, thanks to the approximately 20,000 hours of service around.
     The stand is equipped with practical clamps to be mounted on tanks with frames up to 20mm thick.

The kit includes:

     mounting bracket,
     LED lamp,
     fixing plate,
     switching power supply.

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EHEIM 6471221 PowerLED marine Daylight & Actinic (Bianco+Blue) 
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