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Eheim 6063400 CO2 Set 400

Eheim 6063400 CO2 Set 400
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Price: 223,89Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Aquarium water usually contains too little carbon dioxide (CO2) as it has already been extracted from the tap water at the waterworks.  In addition to light, nitrogen, phosphate and trace elements, etc., the most important nutrient for aquarium plants is CO2 and, the stronger and healthier the plants, the less chance algae has to grow. Plants also produce more of the oxygen that fish need to breathe and CO2 also regulates the pH values in the water, when dosed correctly.

With a choice of three complete sets, EHEIM offers the ideal CO2 system to suit your aquarium: a disposable system with a recyclable disposable bottle for aquariums up to 200 litres and two reusable systems with refillable bottles for aquariums up to 400 and 600 litres. ‘Complete set’ means all essential equipment and important accessories are included, ready for an immediate set up.

Advantages of the EHEIM CO2 fertilizer unit sets

•    Complete sets include all essential accessories needed for immediate use
•    Safe tool-free installation
•    Effective and precise CO2 dosing
•    Permanent measurement of CO2 content in the aquarium
•    Special components ensure high safety standards
•    Reusable bottles with standardized connection for refilling
     (at an authorized dealer or corresponding CO2 refilling stations)
•    Disposable system with recyclable bottle
•    Made in Germany
•    3 years guarantee

CO2 complete fertilizer set for aquariums up to 200 litres
Disposable system
with recyclable disposable bottle

Complete with accessories, including:
•    CO² reusable bottle (500 g) with stand
•    Precision pressure reducer with manometers and precise dosing valve for reusable systems
•    360° rotating hose connection
•    CO2 specific safety hose, pressure resistant, 3m, Ø 4/6 mm
•    CO² safety diffuser including bubble counter and non-return valve for effective CO² dosing
•    5 x water test strips for analysis of the initial water values
•    CO² long-term test and indicator reagent for permanently measuring of the CO²
     content in the aquarium
•    Bottle with standardised connection for refilling (at the specialist dealer)  
•    Safe and toolfree installation
•    Optional accessories (not included): CO² magnetic valve (night shut-off)
•    Made in Germany
•    3 years guarantee

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Eheim 6063400 CO2 Set 400 
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