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EcoTech Marine
EcoTech Marine
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Ecotech Marine Vectra L2

Ecotech Marine Vectra L2
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Price: 559,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: By request

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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QuietDrive technology, used in VorTech, is also available for the heart of your aquarium: the return pump.

Communicate with other devices QD and EcoSmart compatible.

Engine with minimization of the noise.

Maximum operating efficiency.

Battery Backup

In an aquarium without moving fish and corals begin to die in 4-10 hours. Backup Battery is the insurance of your reef tank in an aluminum casing. With it, your pool safe from power outages, so we help you to protect your investment.


Your pump Vectra is a feature-rich device and web-enabled, with all- innovations you would expect from a product EcoTech Marine. From the first moment you can monitor your Vectra using the driver QuietDrive. You can activate your settings, choose a mode, activate the "feed mode" directly using the knobs or buttons on the driver. The Vectra gives its best when it is connected to Live through EcoSmart Reeflink. Using ESL, Vectra can be set on the basis of daily programs that will provide additional flexibility. ESL enables you to synchronize your Vectra VorTech, to optimize the mode of transport of nutrients.


The traditional pumps AC, when used as return pumps, control the flow through a throttle valve. This method is somewhat inefficient for two reasons.

AC pumps often must be powered over to guarantee you the flexibility you need.

Giving an impedance artificial to the flow, the power is wasted. The pumps Vectra always work at maximum efficiency because it is not necessary to use a check valve flow restriction to achieve desired flow.

Feedback active

Used in conjunction with Reeflink, your pump Vectra can send to your computer or smart phone, notifications about your operation and status. The return pump is the heart of your aquarium, before you will be aware of unexpected problems, the more likely you are to become successful aquarists.

The flexibility of Vectra Pump lift or movement in closed systems

The pumps have a Vectra motor sealed magnetically operated suitable for operation both inside and outside. operation both internally and externally. They can either be used as return pumps as both pumps of movement to a closed system. The flexibility of the Vectra will meet your needs for any setup you want to create.

Two different operating configurations

As return pump has a calibration system and one locking

As pump motion for closed systems can operate in random or pulsing.

Mode return pump

Constant Speed ​​Mode

It 's the default mode of Vectra, in this way the pump produces a flow at a constant speed, determined by the position of the control knob.

Feed Mode

By touching a button the pump Vectra pause the current mode and will idle, allowing you to administer the food without being sucked up in the overflow or filtration.

Speed ​​Lock

Speed ​​Lock gives you the ability to lock the desired speed of the pump by turning off the control knob and protecting you from accidental and unwanted changes of speed.

ESL via Mobile Device

All pumps are compatible with Reeflink Vectra. Reeflink allows you to have a completely wireless access to the world of EcoSmart Live, the command center of ECTech Marine accessible via the Web.

Battery Backup Mode

A storm, a failure, lightning. The unexpected happen. The current goes away ... Vectra pumps are compatible with EcoTech Battery Backup.

Pump movement in closed systems

Random Lagoonal

Random Mode simulates a lagoon "low energy". The pump speed varies slowly, to recreate the gentle currents of a lagoon.

Reef Crest Random

Reef Crest Random Mode simulates a high energy barrier. The pump speed will change frequently and drastically to simulate breaking waves and tides agitated. This is the preferred environment by SPS.


Gyre mode creates a flowchart characterized by consistent flow rates, times and anticlockwise, pulsing at selected intervals, varying between two seconds and two hours.

Technical specifications:

Flow: 11,500 lph
Prevalence: 6.5m
Watt: 130W

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Ecotech Marine Vectra L2 
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