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Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium 1000ml

Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium 1000ml
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Price: 15,70Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium 500 ml per 1500 liters


Filter Medium Easy-Life is not a common biocondizionatore, but represents a completely new generation of product and evolutionary for our aquariums.
Creates all conditions for an easy life to all living organisms in the aquarium, its scope is so broad as to make it a unique product of its kind.

  •  It's a natural product 100%
  •  Does not contain any chemical, bacterial or organic.
  •  Can be used in many environments, Marini, sweet, ponds and marshes.
  •  Its use strengthens the immune system of fish.
  •  Stimulates fish reproduction

Easy Life has been tested in many circumstances and the facts show that the activity of this product in both the marine aquarium of fresh water, stabilizes and improves water quality positively, provided vital for all living creatures of the aquarium, removing agents chemical naturally accelerates the work of autotrophic plants, removes drug residues, chlorine, heavy metals, ammonia, and many other active contaminants, also acts as a growth promoter for plants and promotes coral growth by inhibiting the development of many algae, favors the acclimation of new fish and neutralizes some harmful bacteria.

All from a single natural product without any chemical / bacteria has been demonstrated through this product at least 30 good circumstances without showing any side effects or harmful


  •    Transportation of Fish
  •    Quarantine fish
  •    After water changes
  •    After drug treatment

Use and Dosage:

  • If you are using for the first time EASY-LIFE x 10ml dose per 30 liters of water to be treated
  • For maintenance, cleaning filters, etc.. ETC. use x 5ml per 30 liters to be treated
  • For water changes 10 ml x 30 liters of water to be treated only by integrating the water changed.


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Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium 1000ml 
is in the Categories:

Home » Water treatment » Freshwater » Water conditioners
Water treatment » Marine Water » Water conditioner

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