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Duplarit K 10 balls

Duplarit K 10 balls
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Price: 10,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Duplarit K 10 balls




Natural tropical laterite balls to be used in aquariums already set up. Additive substrate with active iron , suitable for all aquarium plants. Promotes growth and appearance and prevents deficiency symptoms . 10 balls to fertilize already set up aquariums of up to 100 liters. Optimum results in conjunction with Dupla Plant 24 and Dupla Plant .

To grow luxuriantly aquarium plants , in addition to water and the light requires a very specific group of nutrients . Since the aquarium is an artificial habitat , these nutrients are not available in unlimited numbers. The nutrients must be introduced into the biological system from the outside. Through the components Duplarit , Dupla Plant , Dupla Dupla Plant 24 has created a balanced system that allows you to continuously put in the aquarium nutrients without resulting in a poor or excessive fertilization .

Dupla Plant Test, unique in its kind, it shows the correct dosage of fertilizers Dupla . Contributes to an optimal plant growth and to avoid the Over-fertilization as well as algae problems .

Duplarit K

Tropical laterite balls for use in aquariums set up
Substrate fertilizer for aquarium plants
Natural tropical laterite iron-rich

The raw material of Duplarit K is the same as G Duplarit but its spherical shape makes it easy to use in aquariums already set up thus allowing the transformation of the bottom substrate in lush tropical . Spreader is also favor the growth of individual groups of plants simply burying the balls in the gravel in the vicinity of the roots.

Use of Duplarit K :

Place the balls in the vicinity of the roots of the plants , taking care to place them at least 1 cm deep.

Retail packs :

1 box contains 10 balls Duplarit K , Ø 25 mm


Duplarit K is also an excellent fertilizer fund for ponds and for all outdoor bathtubs.


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Duplarit K 10 balls 
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