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Dupla Scaper's Juice Eisen 24 10ml

Dupla Scaper's Juice Eisen 24 10ml
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Price: 7,42Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Fertilizer based on iron for plantacquari

Instead of tropical waters, our tap water has many shortcomings from the point of view of the nutrients and trace elements that feed the plants, largely absent or subtracted at the time of purification in the waterworks. The lack of a single nutrient, however, has the power to stop the growth of plants, determining in some cases death (law of minimum Liebig). To ensure a healthy plant growth in the aquarium is therefore necessary bridge and complement the nutritional deficiencies found in tap water. Substances must relate to each other according to a specific pattern.

Eisen 24 is a fertilizer based on an iron complex that contains, in addition to iron in the form usable by plants, also other important trace elements such as eg .: manganese, copper, nickel, zinc, tin, iodine. A daily dose of 24 Eisen ensures strong and healthy growth of plants, prevents deficiency symptoms and prevent malformations to the leaves of plants.

Fertilizer containing iron-rich plants for aquariums • daily combination of nutrients for plants for aquariums • rich in Mn, Mg, Zn, Ni and other trace elements • for healthy growth and lush plant • promotes photosynthesis • prevents the appearance of symptoms of nutrient deficiency • prevents the onset of malformations the leaves of plants • 10 ml per 10,000 l • 1 drop / 50 l increases the percentage of iron of 0.02 mg / l

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Dupla Scaper's Juice Eisen 24 10ml 
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