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Dupla Marin Multireaktor 1500

Dupla Marin Multireaktor 1500
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Price: 91,91Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product description

The DuplaMarin MultiReactor 1,500 is multifunctional. It can be installed standing in the filter’s core pool or as a hang-on system directly at the aquarium. With the 12/16 tube adaptors, the MultiReactor 1,500 can be bypass-connected to almost every common aquarium filter type, or be operated with a separate lifting pump. The MultiReactor 1,500 is suitable both for fresh- and marine water aquaria.

Possible applications:
The MultiReactor 1,500 comes with two differently perforated plates which should be arranged according to the reactor’s operating purpose as follows:
For the use with biopellets (such as
DuplaMarin Biopellets NP), it is recommended to use the perforated plate with Ø 3 mm holes as the bottom plate to achieve a better swirling motion of the material. When using more finely granulated adsorbers (such as DuplaMarin Siliphos as a phosphate and silicate adsorber) or filtering coal, the plate with the Ø 2 mm holes should be used as the bottom plate.

• includes a hanging system
• may be mounted directly to the aquarium
• easy installation
• application as pellet reactor, fluidized bed reactor or simple filter
• multi-purpose application thanks to differently perforated plates
• usable as a pellet reactor for aquariums up to 800 l
• includes 12/16 mm tube adaptors
• using instructions


Technical data:

• holding capacity approx. 1,500 ml (depending on the filter material used)
• maximum flow rate: approx 1,200 l/h
• size inlet/outlet = 16 mm, via the tube adaptors 12 mm
• dimensions: W x H = 11.5 x 40 mm. Pipe diameter: 80 mm


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Dupla Marin Multireaktor 1500 
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