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Dupla Marin Bacter 10 ampoule

Dupla Marin Bacter 10 ampoule
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Price: 19,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dupla Marin Bacter 10 ampoule


Even the best drinking water is far from being suitable for the aquarium water . In order to be used as habitat for fish and plants in the aquarium , it must be properly prepared . They must be removed , in particular the compounds ranging in damaging the mucous membranes , such as chlorine or heavy metals , and it is necessary to optimize the hardness of the water . When the aquarium is running, you must remove the products of metabolism and those substances that form the organic load of the water. The concentrations of phosphate, nitrate and silicate , in particular , create problems of freshwater and marine aquarium , as they can lead to the growth of algae.
The seawater aquarium can be subjected to variations much more important than is the case for the one present in nature . Corals , in particular, do not tolerate these variations , requiring instead of water parameters stable. With the brand DuplaMarin Meerwasseraquaristik offer for this purpose the main elements calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate , which exert a significant influence on the chemical and biological processes of the sensitive barrier system corallina.Bacter M: about 50 billion nitrifying bacteria Nitrosomas European +
Nitrobacter winogradskyi . Heterotrophic bacteria Paracoccus denitrificans +
Pseudomonas stuzeril .

Bacter M is a biotechnological product of high range to a high concentration for the improvement of water quality. Selected bacterial strains , nitrifying and denitrifying transform the ammonia into nitrite , nitrite to nitrate and nitrite nitrogen . Bacter M accelerates the initial phase of the life of the aquarium and , thanks to the reduction of nitrates and phosphates, prevents the growth of red algae , biologically cleans the water by absorbing organic waste , restores and maintains the balance of the bacterial strains and reduces the risk of infection .


To clean the water: 1 vial per 1000 gallons every 2 weeks.

For the reduction of nitrite : 1 vial + 1 ampoule per 60 liters for the filter. Shake the vial vigorously for 15 seconds before use to stir up the bacteria deposited at the ends of the tube itself. Dissolve in 1 liter of aquarium water before adding the mixture to water and filter.

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Dupla Marin Bacter 10 ampoule 
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