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Dupla Gan 250ml

Dupla Gan 250ml
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Price: 7,60Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dupla Gan 250ml


Even the best drinking water is far from being suitable for the aquarium water . In order to be used as habitat for fish and plants in the aquarium , it must be properly prepared . They must be removed , in particular the compounds ranging in damaging the mucous membranes , such as chlorine or heavy metals , and it is necessary to optimize the hardness of the water . When the aquarium is running, you must remove the products of metabolism and those substances that form the organic load of the water. The concentrations of phosphate, nitrate and silicate , in particular , create problems of freshwater and marine aquarium , as they can lead to the growth of algae.

Dupla offers products that are extremely effective for the treatment of water -based microorganisms. The organic load in the water may appear at first sight only as a harmful substance , is actually used as food by bacteria. Dupla therefore offers the bacteria that decompose most of nitrates and protein compounds . There are two variants : either bacteria made ​​storable in a liquid through a special process , or bacteria and dried by spraying on a backing .

Dupla Gan :

League chlorine.
Neutralize The damage caused by heavy metals.
Protects mucus and gills of fish

1 measuring cap for every 50 liters of tap water.

100 ml treats 200 liters of tap water

Dupla Gan does not affect the system of fertilization Dupla .

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Dupla Gan 250ml 
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