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Dupla Vit 10ml - Concentrated Vitamin freshwater, marinewater and ponds

Dupla Vit 10ml - Concentrated Vitamin freshwater, marinewater and ponds
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Price: 9,30Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: Dupla Vit 10ml - Concentrated Vitamin freshwater, marinewater and ponds


100 ml contain: Lecithin: 5000 mg,
Vitamin C 3000 mg , Vitamin E 500 mg,  Vitamin B6 150 mg, Vitamin B2 125 mg,  Vitamin B1 100 mg, Vitamin A  100000 U.I.; Beta-Carotene 30000 μg , Vitamin B12 1 mg;  Vitamin D3 10000 U. I.


Concentrated vitamins to strengthen the immune system and complement the feeding of freshwater aquarium fish, marine or bath.

Premix feed for ornamental fish

Vitamin supplement for all ornamental fish, freshwater and marine and lake. Although vitamins are only one component of a healthy diet, ornamental fish absolutely require vitamins to survive.

The maintenance of ornamental fish in the aquarium over time requires an optimal supply of nutrients that include vitamins. While in most cases the amounts of vitamins given to fish with Duplarin is sufficient, under some conditions your fish needs a substitution of vitamins, such as when fed with food frozen in a state of
stress caused by transportation, travel and acclimatization of the aquarium, during and after treatment with drugs, or to promote the maturation and spawning (mainly vitamin C and E) and for the rearing of young fish.

Moreover, the fish pond need a greater amount of vitamins especially at the beginning of spring and autumn. Duplavit can be administered directly into freshwater and marine aquariums or you can mix the feed as usual. Duplavit provides important protection to the cells of all ornamental fish. The advantage of the oily texture of Duplavit is that vitamins adhere better to feed frozen and thus not separate from the feed when it is placed in water. Moreover, the vitamin emulsion is readily absorbed and assimilated in the metabolism of fish than those in soluble form.


Prof. Dr. Rolf Geisler, vitamins in the feeding of ornamental fish - Aquarium Today 2 / 97. Dr. Rudolf Lorze A cocktail of vitamins for fish.

Dosage - How to use:

Shake before use!

  • For vitamin supplements to frozen foods, first to provide food: add 2-4 drops to every portion of frozen food, and wait briefly to be soaked and then feeding of fish.
  • During the installation of a new aquarium, the water changes and after the introduction of new fish: Add 3-5 drops every 50 ld'acqua directly without lights.
  • In states of illness or lack of appetite for fish: Add 2-4 drops daily for every 20 ld'acqua.
  • In the 10 days preceding and following the onset of reproduction: Add 2-4 drops every day on every piece of food, wait until it is soaked and then use for immediate feeding of fish.
  • Into the Artemia with the growth of young fish: use in high merger with several ml of water in a container where the graduated cylinder Dupla. Add 2-4 drops, wait for about 5 minutes to be absorbed and then use to feed the fish.
  • In the pools: especially in early spring and late autumn, add 5 drops of Duplavit daily to feed to pond Duplarin-T, wait until it is soaked and use it immediately to feed the fish.

Recap the bottle immediately after use!


Keep the bottle tightly closed and out of reach of children. Protect from light and
heat. Use the product only as instructed.


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Dupla Vit 10ml - Concentrated Vitamin freshwater, marinewater and ponds 
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