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Dennerle System S7 500ml

Dennerle System S7 500ml
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Price: 37,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Dennerle Plant System S7 is a special concentrate that provides fish and plants with all those important vitamins, trace elements and other vital substances that need to be topped up frequently. In nature, vitamins, plant enzymes and other active organic substances are produced constantly, with the help of natural sunlight. These vital substances improve the health of fish and enhance their splendid colourings, while at the same time promoting the growth of aquarium plants. An aquarium has no natural sources of vitamins. Any vitamins that are present remain stable for only a short time, or are used up very quickly. This makes it all the more important to supplement these vital substances on a regular basis.

Effect on fish:
Dennerle Plant System S7 incorportaes protective colloids to strengthen the mucuos membrane - a fishs most important barrier to protect from pathogens. Dexpanthenol promotes the regeneration of minor injuries. A special immune stimulator strengthens the fishs defences. The balanced vitamin B complex has a harmonising effect and reduces stress. Dennerle Plant System S7 thus establishes an optimum basis to rpovide fish with a long, healthy life and brilliant colours. Also ideal as a supporting measure and after illnesses, to counter stress or as a means of helping new fish to acclimatise.

Effect on plants:
Dennerle Plant System S7 is used as part of Dennerle fertilisation system to ensure ideal plant nutrition. It supplies nutrients and vital substances which are quickly consumed or which quickly become unstable in aquaria, e.g. vitamins. Dennerle Plant System S7 promotes healthy, well-balanced plant growth and provides for rich leaf colouring.

Dennerle Perfect Plant S7 VitaMix:
+ Micronutrients for large and heavily planted aquariums
+ with all essential trace elements and vital substances
+ for healthy, balanced growth
+ adds rapidly depleted nutrients and restorative substances
+ high coverage due to highly concentrated active ingredients
+ safe for shrimps, snails and crayfish

Dosage of Dennerle Plant System S7
Add 3 ml per 100 l of aquarium water weekly.

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Dennerle System S7 500ml 
is in the Categories:

Home » Food » Freshwater food » Vitamins
Water treatment » Fertilizers » Liquids

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