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Dennerle FB1 Substrate Start 50gr (bacteria Fund assets)

Dennerle FB1 Substrate Start 50gr (bacteria Fund assets)
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Price: 5,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dennerle FB1 Substrate Start 50gr (bacteria Fund assets)


The most important helpers in each aquarium. Bacteria play a decisive role for the smooth functioning of an aquarium.
Only if the background material, the filter and water are colonized by bacteria just (!) Decompose and remove the excrement of the fish, parts of dead plants, the remains of food and substances harmful to fish, such as ammonia and nitrates that are formed constantly.
After the first specification, an aquarium is virtually sterile.
Without active help is needed and then several months the formation of a stable bacterial flora.
In this period, water quality may be subject to wide variations.
Notes consequences are poor plant growth, algae problems, a greater tendency to get sick of fish until they lose themselves.

Immediate activation completely organic. Research has developed DENNE prepared based on targeted bacteria.
Bacteria plan assets FB1 are a very active mixed culture of bacteria in the fund selected for all freshwater aquariums.
FB1 All bacteria were isolated from natural water, multiplied in sterile culture and optimized in a labor intensive search lasted for years for use in the oxygen poor (anaerobic) in the bottom of the aquarium.
The bacteria are immobilized FB1, or "sleep" in a material bearing mineral.
Are activated immediately upon contact with water, actively multiplying and colonizing all stock fund.

Bacteria plan assets FB1:

  • Quickly changed the back in a biological filter active
  • Improve the quality of water for fish welfare
  • With umificanti live bacteria that turn the soil into nutrients for plants
  • For a secure growth and good root formation of all aquarium plants
  • Ensure a fast start and without problems.

Direction for use:

1 box of FB1 activates freshwater aquariums about 100 - 120 liters, or approximately 25 kg of substrate for the fund.
After placing the dirt on the bottom, pour FB1.
Then cover with gravel.
In aquaria without pay half the soil of gravel, then cover with FB1 and the other half of the gravel.
The gravel should be well washed and free of chalk.

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Dennerle FB1 Substrate Start 50gr (bacteria Fund assets) 
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