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Dennerle Plant Care NPK 250ml

Dennerle Plant Care NPK 250ml
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Price: 15,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Dennerle Plant Care NPK is a Macro-fertiliser for aquascaping aquariums. The addition of N – Nitrogen (Nitrate) and P = Phosphorus (Phosphate) is not necessary in normal community aquariums, because these substances usually end up in the aquarium in sufficient, or often even too high, volumes via the food. In aquascaping aquariums the situation is different. They have exceptionally high nutrient requirements due to:

• dense planting
• many fast-growing species
• high light levels (> 1 watt per litre of aquarium water)
• CO2-fertilisation
• 30-50% partial water change per week
• few fish, if any, but rather shrimp and snails.

Dennerle Plant Care NPK adds nitrate, phosphate and potassium in biologically balanced proportions, which means: The nutrient proportions have been chosen so that all micronutrients are taken up by the plants in roughly equal proportions. This means that even with long-term, regular application both a deficiency and also the harmful accumulation of individual nutrients is avoided.

Dennerle Plant Care NPK
+ Macronutrient fertilizer for heaviliy olanted aquaria with low fish stocking
+ with nitrate (NO3), Phosphate (PO4) and Potassium (K) plus Magnesium (Mg)
+ for splendid plants and intensely bright colors
+ immediate and long-term effect
+ scinitifically tested and optimized according to natures example

Dosage & Application Dennerle Plant Care NPK:
Dosage as needed 10 ml per 100 l of aquarium water. This dosage increases the water values as follows:
Nitrate NO3: 5 mg/l
Phosphate PO4: 0.4 mg/l
Potassium K: 2.5 mg/l
Magnesium Mg: 0.5 mg/l

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Dennerle Plant Care NPK 250ml 
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