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Dennerle Dosator

Dennerle Dosator
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Price: 11,04Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Available Accessories
Dennerle 4605 Replacement V30/S7 Dosage Rings and Membranes for DosatorDennerle 4605 Replacement V30 / S7 Dosage Rings and Membranes for Dosator
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
8,19Euro [TaxInc]

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Fertiliser automatic aquarium

To grow healthy and strong, aquarium plants need a constant supply of nutrients.
Usually aquaria are fed in the form of a "fertilizing pulse", or adding a large amount of fertilizer at regular intervals. On the contrary, with the dispenser aquarium plants are fertilized as in nature because they constantly receive a reduced amount of nutrients. The dispenser Dennerle operates according to the principle of osmosis. Through the special semi permeable membrane the water "vague" from the aquarium to the container with the stock which pushes the solution of nutrients in the aquarium through the riser pipe, however somministrandole in drops.
The advantages:

Contribution constant and uniform nutrient as in nature
uniform and balanced growth of plants
Prevents the formation of algae due to low level of nutrients

The dispenser is made in particular for the fertilizer Dennerle V30 Complete and S7 Vitamix. V30 is automatically dosed for 4 weeks, S7 for 1 week

Use in conjunction with the DENNERLE fertilization system
It takes two feeders, one for the V30 and one for S7.

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Dennerle Dosator 
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Water treatment » Freshwater » Automatic dosator

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