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Dennerle DEPONIT Mix fondo fertiliz. per 120 litri peso 4,8kg

Dennerle DEPONIT Mix fondo fertiliz. per 120 litri peso 4,8kg
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Price: 16,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dennerle Deponit Mix - fertilizer fund -  Weight 4.8 kg per 120 liters


Aquatic plants in nature.
In their natural habitat, streams, puddles and swamps of the tropics, aquatic plants cover large areas but rarely grows mostly on limited areas in groups more or less large.
In these points are, from experience, the so-called elocrene sources of nutrients, ie areas where the soil slowly but steadily flowing water rich in nutrients and CO2.
It is still little known fact that many mineral nutrients in tropical soils can be converted into usable form by plants only from bacteria that live in the humus and humic substances formed by them.
In the bare soil of the tropics - p.e. the edges of new roads - are setting up new plants only after it has formed a layer of humus, even if only a few millimeters thick.
The soil in the habitats of aquatic plants that the more we love, such as the Cryptocorine el'Echinodorus, is rich in humus.

From research and aquarium plants.
During a series of experiments DENNE multi branch company specializing in aquarium plants developed specifically for aquarium bottom material of long-lasting mineral-rich humus.

DeponitMix contains:

  • High quality quartz sand create the optimum soil
  • clay minerals selected regulate the administration of nutrients: they release them when needed and hold them when there are excess
  • The Natural Lighting peat makes the soil slightly acid and make the appropriate nutrients to be absorbed by plants
  • The valuable mineral helps to provide land for a long time the trace elements essential for life processes
  • The iron nutritional concentrated in the form of deposit gives the leaves a beautiful deep green
  • The special highly porous granules transforms the land into a bio-filter active: for better water quality and healthier fish.

All the nutrients and trace elements are in the form of storage for immediate and long lasting.
The Professional DeponitMix means that plants can grow up safe and stimulates root development, even in the most sensitive species.
DeponitMix not contain phosphates and nitrates are added and therefore does not promote the growth of algae.

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Dennerle DEPONIT Mix fondo fertiliz. per 120 litri peso 4,8kg 
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