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Dennerle 5790 Scaper's Flow

Dennerle 5790 Scaper's Flow
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Price: 71,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Dennerle 5790 Scaper's Flow


External filter for aquariums to hang Aquascaping from 30 to 120 liters.

Complete with Lily Pipe for the outflow height adjustable and swivels 180 ° and flow.

Extremely quiet and easy to maintain thanks to the filtering material is completely removable.

Complete with filter material for a prompt and immediate start (pre-filter sponge, biological material Bio Filter Tube razor clams, buffer fine filtration with activated carbon.

Vacuum system consists of 2 pieces, adaptable to 'height of the bottom and also has sponge prefilter to prevent shrimp or small fish end up in the filter.

Delivery system with Lily Pipe for a current of 'light water, similar to that existing in nature and suited to plants. Adjustable in height (max. 10 cm) to fit the level of 'water. Rotatable by 180 ° to direct the current in an optimal way.

Can also be used on vertical surfaces without the need to hook it to the pool thanks to the support tube 12/16 included in the package (pipes instead to buy separately).

Easy Clean System: filter completely removable and easy to clean.

Thanks to the connections included in the package and all 'high versatility, the filter can be placed in the' aquarium in 4 different ways:

- Hung all 'aquarium on the left side

- Hung on the center

- Hung on the right side

- Standing on the side of 'aquarium

When operating in feet, do not place the filter lower than 60cm compared to 'aquarium not to exceed the maximum head of the filter.

Technical data:

     230V / 50 Hz
     Power consumption 5.6 W
     capacity of the pump 360 L / h
     maximum head 60cm
     Dimensions: 18x12x20 cm, 5h
     filter volume: about 2 liters
     power cord: 1.40 m

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Dennerle 5790 Scaper's Flow 
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