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Dennerle 3065 CO2 Micro-Perler Profi Line

Dennerle 3065 CO2 Micro-Perler  Profi Line
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Price: 13,29Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dennerle 3065 CO2 Micro-Perler  Profi Line


Efficient, compact CO2 diffusor for aquariums of up to 250 liters, with built-in bubble counter.
If used properly and treated with due care, you will be able to reliably and consistently supply your aquarium with CO2 the most important fertilizer for aquarium plants.

How works:

The CO2 supplied by the CO2 fertilizer system is conveyed to thi inner chember of the Micro-Perler via the built-in bubble counter. The ceramic atomizes the CO2 into thousands of tiny micro-bubbles.
The increases the contact area between the CO2 and aquarium water many times over, so that the CO2 can quickly and effectively dissolve into the water. The amount of CO2 supplied can be measured by the number of bubbles leaving the built-in bubble counter per minute.
Whilst the CO2 dissolves into the water, so- called waste gases- harmless gases that occur naturally in all aquarium water- penetrate the micro bubbles. This is why the bubbles get smaller the further up they tank the rise, without ever dissolving completely. When the bubbles reach the water surface,, they consist almost entirely of waste gases and contain barely any CO2 at all.
The CO2 Micro-Perler can be used in combination with all customary CO2 diffusors. Always protect your valuable pressure reducer against corrosion caused by intake of water! To do so, use only check valves designed for use in combination with CO2 , e. g. the DENNERLE CO2 Special Check Valve. Normal air check valves may become brittle and leaky through contact with CO2 within only a short space of time. Often this occurs unnoticed.

The right amount of CO2:

For magnificent plant growth, DENNERLE recommend a CO2 content in the aquarium of between 15 and 30 mg/l, whilst between 20 and 25 mg/l is ideal. The number of bubbles per minute required to achieve this CO2 content depends on a number of factors (types of plants used, water current, surface area/volume ratio, etc). this is why it is always necessary to determine the CO2 amounts for each aquarium individually.

Rule of thumb for the basing setting*: start with approx. 20 bubbles for minute per 100 l of aquarium water, i. e. for a 200 l aquarium, for example, use 2 x 20 = 40 bubbles per minute. Check the CO2 supply and the CO2 levels in the aquarium water regularly and adjust the CO2 supply if necessary.

*this number of bubbles only applies to the Micro-Perler. If using other diffusers or a separate bubble counter, other bubble counts may be apply, since the bubble size depends largely on the type of device used. Please consult the instruction for use accordingly.

Warning: if necessary, only ever increase the CO2 level gradually over the course of several days!

The more vigorously the surface of the water is set in motion (e. g. by filters, additional aeration), the more CO2 will be expelled from the aquarium again.

It is easiest to measure the CO2 content using the DENNERLE CO2 Long-term test Correct. The test directly and permanently indicates the CO2 content of the aquarium water on the basis of its colour. GREEN corresponds to the optimum value of between 20 and 25 mg/l. further aids or water testing to determine CO2 levels are not necessary.

Spare parts and useful accessories:

Cod 3073 Ceramic diffuser with washer;
Cod 1515 2 Longlife suction cups;
Cod 3060 Special CO2 Softflex hose, 2 m;
Cod 3050 CO2 bubble counter;
Cod 3053 CO2 Special check valve;
Cod 3043 CO2 long-term test Correct.

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Dennerle 3065 CO2 Micro-Perler Profi Line 
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