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Dennerle 3053 – CO2 Special Check Valve- Reliably protects CO2 appliances from water intake

Dennerle 3053 – CO2 Special Check Valve-  Reliably protects CO2 appliances from water intake
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Price: 13,29Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dennerle 3053 – CO2 Special Check ValveReliably protects CO2 appliances from water intake


If used properly and treated with due core, you will be able to simply and reliably protect your valuable CO2 appliances such as your pressure reducer, CO2 cylinder, CO2 night cut-off valve, etc. from damage caused by water intake.

Why does water flow back into CO2 hoses at all?

Putting it figuratively, CO2 has a rather strong urge to dissolve in water. If the CO2 supply in your aquarium is interrupted (because the CO2 cylinder is empty, the cylinder valve is closed, the CO2 night cut-off valve is activated, etc.). the residual CO2 left in the hose will also dissolve in the aquarium water. This gives rise to a vacuum in the CO2 hose, which literally causes water to be sucked into the hose.

The result: Connected CO2 appliances may became irreparably damaged by corrosion.

The CO2 Special Check Valve provides protection

CO2 is a very special gas and has very different physical characteristics than air, for example.
This is why Dennerle has developed a special check valve for use with CO2. The heart of it is a permanently elastic CO2 - proof special membrane. It fits tightly-stretched onto sealing rims. 2 threaded hose couplings ensure a CO2 - proof connection.

Attention: do not use normal air check valves, as these may became brittle through contact with CO2 within just a short space of time, making them leaky. This often occurs unnoticed.

L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori.What's what:

1) CO2 - Proof special membrane;
2) Connecting nut;
3) Hose connector far all 4/6 mm hoses.


How to correctly install the CO2 Special Check Valve:

  • Cut the CO2 hose at an appropriate spot. The check valve should be installed in front al the first CO2 appliance (e.g. pressure reducer, CO2 night cut-off valve) that you wish to protect. See also the assembly example above.
  • Unscrew the connecting nuts on the check valve and slip them over the hose ends
  • Attach the hose ends to the connections on the check valve and screw the connecting nuts on tightly again.

Attention: the arrow on the check valve must point in the direction of CO2 f1ow.

Tip: Install the CO2 Special Check Valve as close as possible to the pressure reducer or the CO2 night cut-off valve. The CO2 bubble counter is then easier to adjust, since any adjustment of the needle valve is immediately recognizable on the bubble Counter. Turning off the CO2 night cut-off valve is also immediately apparent.


Maintenance and care:

The Dennerle CO2 Special Check Valve does not require any special care and will reliably perform its function for many years. Since, however, dirt, paint or rust residues (e.g. from older CO2 cylinders) may become deposited on the sealing rims over the course of time, it is advisable to check and, if necessary, replace the check valve every two years at the latest.

Functional test: close the main valve on the CO2 cylinder. Check the unit after 24 hours. Water should not be sucked past the check valve.

Useful accessories (available from specialist dealers):

3060: Special CO2 Softflex Hose, 2 m;
3050: CO2 Bubble Counter Exact;
3040: CO2 long-term Test Correct.

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Dennerle 3053 – CO2 Special Check Valve- Reliably protects CO2 appliances from water intake 
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