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Dennerle 3008 - Bio 60 - Biological CO2 fertilization for aquaria from 60 cm – with control gel and Mini-Topper

Dennerle 3008 - Bio 60 - Biological CO2 fertilization for aquaria from 60 cm – with control gel and Mini-Topper
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Price: 16,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dennerle 3008 - Bio 60 - Biological CO2 fertilization for aquaria from 60 cm – with control gel and Mini-Topper


What's what

  1. Bottle support
  2. Bio CO2 bottle with starter capsule
  3. Short CO2 hose (CO2 bottle — bubble counter)
  4. Bubble counter
  5. Long CO2 hose (bubble counter — Flipper)
  6. CO2 Micro-Flipper





Set-up and connection:

1) Select a readily accessible point on the aquarium for attachment of the bottle support. Remove protective film from adhesive strip. Place Bio CO2 bottle in bottle support and fix bottle support in place in an upright position at the top of a clean grease-free aquarium pane. Press the two fixing tabs with the adhesive strips at the sides of the bottle support firmly onto the aquarium pane. Please note: The adhesive strips grip the pane very firmly. The bottle support cannot be moved, once it has been pressed firmly into place.



2) Remove bottle from support and unscrew top. Open hinged lid and remove starter capsule. Remove green half of capsule by pulling carefully upwards. Pour contents of the starter capsule into the CO2 bottle together with the empty capsule halves.



3) Fill CO2 bottle up to marking (arrows) with tap water at a temperature of 20 to 25 °C (not over 25 °C). Screw bottle top firm. Note: The hose connector on the bottle top incorporates a white micro-filter — do not remove.

4) Break off or carefully cut off hinged lid.

5) Pour tap water into bubble counter until it is ¾ full.

Tip: For this purpose, submerge the bubble counter in upright position and tap gently on the lid.




6 Use the short hose to connect the CO2 bottle to the long tube of the bubble counter. Fit hose firmly to hose connectors.


7 Fit long hose to the 2nd connector (without tube) of the bubble counter.



8 Place CO2 bottle together with the connected bubble counter into the support from above.

Note: CO2 production causes the CO2 bottle to expand somewhat. The bottle support is correspondingly larger, so as to enable it to expand without any problems


9 Rinse all parts of the Micro-Flipper with warm tap water (no detergents!) Press suction clip into bottom part, turning the clip as you insert it.

10 Insert hose in the bottom part. The end of the hose must be cut off straight and must fit flush against the stop.

11 Press top part into place.

12 Fit collector.



13 Select a spot in the aquarium where the water movement is good. The selected location should not be too exposed to light, in order to prevent algae formation. Fix Flipper in the aquarium in vertical position, at least 5 an below the surface of the water.



When the system is applied correctly, CO2 production will begin within 24-48 hours and your aquarium will be supplied with CO2 for at least 30 days.

Changing the CO2 bottle

When bubbles no longer issue from the Micro-Flipper, this indicates that the CO2 bottle is empty. Proceed as follows:

Remove CO2 bottle from bottle support and disconnect hose from bottle top.

Activate and connect new CO2 bottle.

The contents of the used CO2 bottle can be disposed of via the sewerage system.


Cleaning the Micro-Flipper

  • Remove collector.
  • Slide top part up by approx.1 cm and open up. 14
  • Clean with water and soft brush. Do not use any etergents.


What if ...  Troubleshooting





After 48 hours no bubbles visible in Micro-Flipper.

Top of CO2 bottle or hose connector leaking.

Screw top firm, fit hose firmly.

CO2 production not yet started, as CO2, bottle too cool due to low room temperature, resulting in delayed start,

Check CO2 production again after 48 hours. Raise room temperature slightly, if appropriate.

Starter capsule has not triggered fermentation process correctly.

Start CO2 bottle again with a 2nd capsule (available from dealers).


Special information:

Shelf life in unopened condition: Bottle contents approx. 5 years; starter capsules: approx. 12 months at 20 °(, approx. 19 months at 10 °C. Consequently, please store Bio CO2 bottles in cool and dry conditions. Protect from sunlight, heat and frost!



Should larger quantities of the bottle contents accidentally enter into the aquarium water during operation of the Bio C0 fertilizer system, this may cloud the water and lead to oxygen deficiency. In this case, part of the water should be replaced immediately and the fertilizer system should be checked for correct functioning. For this reason, do NOT fill the CO2 bottle beyond the marking (arrows)! Always use the bottle in its support, to prevent it from falling over!

Always keep CO2 bottle out of the reach of children and in an upright position!


Spare parts (available from specialist retailers)

3004       Bio CO2 bottle

1557       5 starter capsules

3075       CO2 Micro-Flipper


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Dennerle 3008 - Bio 60 - Biological CO2 fertilization for aquaria from 60 cm – with control gel and Mini-Topper 
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