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Dennerle 1681 Aquarium Starter Rapid 200ml

Dennerle 1681 Aquarium Starter Rapid 200ml
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Price: 11,29Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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To start the aquarium quickly and safely

First population of fish can already after 24 hours

For quick activation of the biological filter material and the bottom

From the start gate in the aquarium biologically bacteria "correct"

mixed culture of effective filtering bacteria selected and alive, in which the product favors the formation


DennerleAquarium Starter fast a product to high efficiency that can start new aquarium quickly and safely.

It consists of two components:

1. Live Filter Bacteria -you settle in the filter material and into the gravel and immediately begin to decompose harmful substances. The bacteria solution is highly concentrated and to the packaging contains 500 million bacteria per milliliter.

2. nutrient solution which favors the formation of bacteria -the "food for bacteria" specially developed ensures fast growth and reproduction.


The effective nitrification bacteria (Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter) transform the harmful ammonia first to nitrite and then to nitrate purifying the water.
The denitrifying bacteria (Paracoccus) transform the nitrate present in the aquarium anaerobic areas (in particular on the bottom and in the filter) into gaseous nitrogen, thereby reducing the nitrate content.
The filter bacteria simultaneously eliminate the remains of plants and leftover food, the fish excrement, organic clouding agents, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, organic pollutants and organic slime.

Special features:

It protects from loss of fish
enhances self-cleaning capacity
for all d 'freshwater aquariums
Excellent biological tolerability for all the inhabitants of 'aquarium


FilterStarter bacteria

Dosage: 100 ml per 50-100 l of water. Place one half of the boot bacteria on the filter material and the other half nell'acquadell'acquario (25 ° C).

Solution of nutrients that promotes the formation of bacteria

Day 1: 50 ml per 100 l of water (25 ml / 50 l); 2 ° -6 ° day: every time 10 ml per 100 l of water (5 ml / 50 l)

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Dennerle 1681 Aquarium Starter Rapid 200ml 
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