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Dennerle 1673 Humin Elixier 500ml

Dennerle 1673 Humin Elixier 500ml
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Price: 8,91Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Software to get tropical water

     Mixture based on valuable humic and fulvic acids, ideal to play the biotope aquarium water source
     Prevents the emergence of harmful germs preventing disease
     For the successful maintenance and breeding of fish and shrimp used to uminichenelle substances home waters
     Water creates conditions suitable for the species and similar to the natural habitat
     It promotes balanced growth, health, vitality and riot of colors
     The aquarium water does not assume the unpleasant yellow color


HuminElixiersi has proven effective as a preparation for the care even in the breeding of species of shrimp demanding such RedBee, RedCrystal and Taiwan Bee



250 ml treat 1,250 l (50 l / l -100 25 weeks / 12 weeks -200 l / 6 weeks)

500ml treat 2,500 l (50 l / 50 weeks the -100 / -200 l 25 weeks / 12 weeks)

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Dennerle 1673 Humin Elixier 500ml 
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Water treatment » Freshwater » Peat and catappa
Water treatment » Freshwater » Additives

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