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Deltec SCC 1660

Deltec SCC 1660
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Price: 432,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Internal skimmer for aquariums up to 1100 liters


The SCC in 1660, designed to work in a sump outside (design), are compact and very efficient, characterized by high yield and low energy consumption. They are equipped with level regulator high precision, for the emptying of the glass tube and silencer which can be dismantled for cleaning.

The quiet operation is a special feature.

The skimmer pump is activated by the DC 24V DCC 1100. This pump is equipped with a "soft start". It means that the rotor is brought progressively to the power level set on the controller. This increase prog ressivo power ensures the pump start even under difficult conditions. You can select the power level on the controller to 8 levels by pressing the + and -.

The pressure on the button «Feed» allows for 10 minutes to suspend the operation of the pump, during feeding for example. After the 'interruption, the pump will restart the level set previously.

Both the transformer is the controller must be placed in a dry and ventilated.

When mounted in a tub of skimming is advice a level of 'water between 16 and 25cm

Operation Ozone: Ozone is a gas very aggressive, if used improperly can harm the health, therefore one should never inhale directly ozono.Inoltre, if used in high dosage, ozone can also damage the skimmer . The dosage of ozone should be set so that you do not perceive the presence of ozone free on the cover of the skimmer. Deltec skimmers can be used with doses of ozone between 20 and max. 50 mg / hour for the pump. Technical data: Dimensions base: 265x180mm; Height: 565mm For aquariums up to 1100 liters (highly populated), 1300 liters (normally populated) Water level in sump required: 160mm min / max. 250mm Power consumption: 21-24 Watt Air flow: 1000 l / h connections: 32mm exhaust Adjustment: with adjustment rod

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Deltec SCC 1660 
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