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Decorline Spider Wood cm7x14x7 Real Photo cod.SP25

Decorline Spider Wood cm7x14x7 Real Photo cod.SP25
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Price: 7,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Spider Wood, 100% natural woods perfect for decorating freshwater aquariums; ideal for anchoring epiphytic plants and for recreating naturalistic sceneries.

The natural decorative woods in the aquarium are becoming more and more used over time and with the advance of the Aquascaping.

When you want to set up an aquarium with a mainly vegetative layout and with a high presence of woods (such as "Ryoboku" or "Driftwood" styles), it is good to know well about the aesthetic and chemical characteristics of the woods that will be inserted in since, due to the use of many pieces, they will inevitably affect the balance of the aquarium.

Spider-Woods are obtained from branches of Rhododendron Simsii, a plant of Asian origin (Nepal, China, Japan, North Korea, Vietnam) that can reach up to 4 meters in height; they are characterized by an accentuated ramification that allows to recreate extraordinarily suggestive sceneries with the anchoring, for example, of Muschi Riccardia or Ricca Fluitans (it would give life to real submerged forests).

They are particularly light woods which may require the use of sinking supports (eg small rocks or slate slabs).

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Decorline Spider Wood cm7x14x7 Real Photo cod.SP25 
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