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Dead Rock CITES Required 500gr

Dead Rock CITES Required 500gr
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Price: 3,59Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Dead coral rock of the highest quality to create the ideal volume of a reef

Dead coral rock of the highest quality to create the ideal volume of a reef

Rocks are of coral origin, coming from the tropical waters.

The best rocks to build the reef of your reef aquarium. Taken directly from the cliffs death, has a capacity of revitalization fast. Are identical to the so-called live rock with the only difference that they are cleaned and dried in the sunlight.

They are formed mostly in the marine environment and are derived from the accumulation of remains of single-celled organisms or calcareous shells such as shells or shells of invertebrates. The shells are composed mainly of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), a mineral known as calcite, and are among the most important organogenic rocks. These limestones may be formed mainly by two different types of organisms:

     Phytoplankton photosynthetic organisms draw the 'carbon dioxide dissolved in water and precipitate calcium carbonate, which is then deducted and accumulated by the same bacteria and cyanobacteria, which form layers of carbonate structures called stromatolites.

     Building organisms: they are such as corals and calcareous algae that inhabit the coral reefs of tropical seas. The coral polyps, throughout their life, pick up the calcium carbonate dissolved in water and fix it, creating the structures of buildings reefs.

The dolomitic carbonate rocks are very similar to limestone, but much less abundant; consist of at least 50% of the mineral dolomite whose formula is CaMg (CO3) 2. These rocks are often light-colored, pink or gray and are formed by a process of diagenesis in limestone rocks that are rich aqueous solutions of magnesium; During this slow process, called dolomitization of limestone, magnesium ions replace calcium ions.

Cites: E-00491/14


rocks, being natural products, are sold by weight and not a piece that, unless otherwise specified when ordering more pounds of rock may not correspond to multiple pieces of rock from 1kg.

If you want to have individual pieces of 1kg each, it is preferable to report it and we will do everything possible to please the customer.

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Dead Rock CITES Required 500gr 
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