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Coral Xaqua Line Integrator - Calcium 500gr

Coral Xaqua Line Integrator - Calcium 500gr
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Price: 16,80Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: Coral Xaqua Line Integrator - Calcium 500gr Power Product Flakes for the reinstatement of Calcium in Sea Water

Mineral Supplementation high concentration

The line Xaqua a concentrated formulation consists of three products that are used to correct to target the values ​​of macro elements carbonates, calcium and magnesium in aquariums with a high consumption of these salts. Their use is particularly indicated in aquariums with corals and in all those cases in which it is required a substantial integration. The special formula powder makes them pure and focused and allow for the maintenance and increase the values ​​of carbonates, calcium and magnesium in a calibrated manner and constant. Maintaining these values ​​to natural levels essential for the maintenance of the entire benthic fauna and allows the metabolism of the coral to synthesize
correctly during the process of growth and development.


CALCIUM POWER flake calcium supplement for marine aquariums. Contains a type of calcium particularly pure and stable. Allows a progressive rise in the value of football and its maintenance. The value of the calcium tends, for the consumption by corals, to lower. The optimum value is between 400/450 mg / lt. Suitable for aquariums where calcium consumption is very high (in the presence of hard corals).


25 ml per 100 liters of water increased by 50 mg / l.


Dissolve the product in a special container with osmosis water. Slowly pour in the aquarium or sump in an area of ​​strong movement. We recommend that you do not increase the value of calcium plus 50 mg / liter every 24 hours in order not to damage the bio-chemical balance of the aquarium. Among the integration of carbonates and calcium supplementation must spend at least 24 hours. Maintain the value of calcium between the 400/450 mg / l to obtain a balanced relationship with the other salts. For greater stability to maintain the density at correct values ​​(35 ° / ° °).

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Coral Xaqua Line Integrator - Calcium 500gr 
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