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Chihiros AII Max 451

Chihiros AII Max 451
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Price: 123,95Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Available Accessories
Chihiros Hanging Rope Kit for AII MaxChihiros Hanging Rope Kit for AII Max
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
11,96Euro [TaxInc]

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Chihiros C Series Desktop LED, high efficiency LED ceiling lights with edge hook for freshwater aquariums.


Chihiros AII MAX series is an ideal lamp for an aquarium with aquarium plants with an average light requirement. The intensity can be adjusted thanks to the built-in bluetooth controller.

The edges of the long sides of the aluminum housing are chamfered. This enhances the flat design and makes the lamp more subtly present above the aquarium. Almost futuristic. The Chihiros AII Max is adjustable in height and width. It comes with L-shaped supports measuring 22x11cm. Depending on the placement of the L-support, it can be considerably adjusted in height or length. That makes it very versatile. For a sturdier and more attractive arrangement, acrylic supports are also available separately. That is definitely recommended for a standard aquarium size. A hanging set is available separately to hang it.

When the lamp is used at 100% (*), it will produce a lot of heat. Chihiros recommends not using it to its maximum unless the ambient temperature is below 20°C. For example, it is better to use a maximum of 80%.


Article no. Type Aquarium length Dimension (LxDxH) Leds Light output Power consumption
xx-2301 AII301 MAX 30-45 cm 29 x 12 x 1.3 cm 33 2600lm (3200lm*) 25W (32W*)
xx-2451 AII451 MAX 45-60 cm  44 x 12 x 1.3 cm 55 3400lm (4200lm*) 35W (45W*)
xx-2601 AII601 MAX 60-80 cm 59 x 12 x 1.3 cm 66 4700lm (5900lm*) 50W (64W*)
xx-2801 AII801 MAX 80-100 cm 79 x 12 x 1.3 cm 88 5500lm (7500lm*) 62W (80W*)
xx-2901 AII901 MAX 90-110 cm 89 x 12 x 1.3 cm 99 6500lm (8300lm*) 67W (85W*)
xx-21201 AII1201 MAX 120-140cm 119 x 12 x 1.3 cm 132 8100lm (10000lm*) 86W (96W*)


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Chihiros AII Max 451 
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