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CaribSea Ocean Direct Live Sand 9,07 kg

CaribSea Ocean Direct Live Sand 9,07 kg
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Price: 37,20Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: CaribSea Ocean Direct Live Sand 9.07 kg

Simply amazing! Caribbean live sand in a breathable package. Without chemical additives or preservatives

Ocean DirectTM sand is completely different from any other sand. This pure aragonite substrate using laser technology patented Sea BreatheTM to create a system of efficient breathing propio bag.
This innovative method remains live sand with the original battery.
Every bag of Ocean Direct is alive, breathes and keeps the bacteria 1,000 times more and longer than all other methods of preservation.
Every grain of Ocean DirectTM is covered with bacteria and encapsulated by capillary action in a film of real ocean water
The thin protective film is open to the atmosphere in a continuous gas exchange
This produces a proliferation of bacteria in natural and beneficial without the harmful byproducts that are formed of the metabolic process.
each bag contains a pack of Bio-Magnet to help reposition the bacteria where they are most useful and active: sand beds, surfaces of live rocks etc..
Ocean DirectTM gives you a natural aquarium and live in little time!
E 'convenient: you pay for the sand, not water.
The packaging does not drip, even when they are full of holes
Never worry about the expiration date.
The particle size is ideal for most reef aquariums.
DirectTM Ocean is the perfect union between physics and biology!

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CaribSea Ocean Direct Live Sand 9,07 kg 
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