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Carbonator Sochting

Carbonator Sochting
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Price: 32,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Carbonator Sochting rechargeCarbonator Sochting recharge
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Immediately Available
9,50Euro [TaxInc]

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Product: Carbonator Sochting

Instruction for use: 


  1. Put the ballast ball (B) in the carbonator-cup (C).

    L'immagine <img alt=

    Cut off or edg e of the carbonate bag (K) with scissors and pour the whole content into the cup.
  2. Fill the bottle (F) completely with tap or aquarium water.
  3. Screw the red injection stopper on the bottle.
  4. Press the tip of the bottle's stopper in the weak point of the lid of the plastic container (D) and fill it completely with water.
  5. Important: Close the opening of the plastic container with the rubber-stopper (G) and immediately shake the plastic container for about 2 to 3 minutes, to solve the gra nules (ta blet will dissolve later)
  6. The rubber-stopper must remain on the plastic container during use.
  7. Fill the remaining water from the bottle into the cup. Do not use more or less than the amount of water defined by the CARBONATOR-bottle.

<img alt=CO2-measurement: 

  1. The pH value of water is mainly defined by the quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2) and the carbonate hardness, you are Able to evaluate the CO2 quantity by measuring the pH-value and the carbonate hardness. In the graph to the right you can figure out the CO2 level of your water.
  2. The scale starts with 0.5mg CO2 (gas equilibrium with the air), the minimum value you can reach by strong ventilation or movement of the surface-water aquarium.
  3. The accessory pH-values for the carbonate hardness can be seen on the horizontal axis. The dotted lines show as examples, how to evaluate the CO2-level corresponding to your measurements. As well, you can define at Which pH value 10mg / I soluted are CO2 in the water.
  4. Each aquarium is an individual biological system in Which are variations in the CO2-level. In the morning the pH value is usually lower than in the evening, which is caused by the CO2-consumption of the plants under light conditions.
  5. Put the full plastic container with the rubber-stopper into the cup upside down.
  6. Screw the diving-bell clockwise (T) on the cup.
  7. Locate the Carbonator upright between the aquarium plants or in any other place in your aquarium. To keep a big air bubble under the diving-bell, when placing the Carbonator in your aquarium, will help to balance the Carbonator.

The service life of the Carbonator is about 30 days at 25 °C (77 °F). The Carbonator stopped working when the plastic container is empty and if there are no more CO2-bubbles visible in the cup. In this case take the Carbonator out of the aquarium and screw off the diving bell.

Take out the plastic container (keep the rubber-stopper, to use it again!) And dispose it. The remaining citrate solution in the cup is harmless and can be poured into the sink. Flush the Carbonator-cup with tap water and now you can reset the Carbonator by step 1-9 with one of our refill packages.

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Carbonator Sochting 
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