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Brightwell Aquatics
Brightwell Aquatics
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Brightwell Aquatics X-port NO3 150gr

Brightwell Aquatics X-port NO3 150gr
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Price: 22,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Brightwell Aquatics X-port NO3 150gr


Use Technology NanoIntelex to create an advanced material, superactive, that exceeds the performance of conventional resins anti-nitrates of approximately 300%.
The open structure and the large surface area increase the permeability and efficiency.
The superior efficiency compared to conventional media is esprie in a smaller dose needed to obtain the same degree of denitrification.
It can be used to decrease rapidly nitrates systems in densely populated.
Eliminates the need to perform water changes made for the express purpose of decreasing the concentration of nitrates in the aquarium. Can be used in combination with Xport-BIO and Xport-PO4
Instructions and Guidelines
Read the instructions before use. The use of a mechanical pre-filter to remove particulate matter from the water before its interaction with the product increases its efficiency.
Rinse Xport-NO3 in osmotic water, then place the product in a clean container filled with water from the tank you will want to use it. United for every 150 g of Xport-NO3 used 20 ml of MicroBacter7 (put into the container), leave the product in this "bath" 24 hours at room temperature.
Remove Xport-NO3 from the container and pour the water into the aquarium, then put Xport NO3-in an external filter, in an internal filter, or in a sock filter with a mesh size 800μm; we recommend a water flow per hour equal to 1-3 times the volume of the aquarium.
Do not use a fluidized bed filter. In systems with a lower initial concentration of nitrates to 40 ppm, games with a dosage of 150 grams of Xport-NO3 every 454 liters of water in the system (the dosage increased from 10% every 10 ppm of NO3 that exceed the 40 ppm).
The denitrification will begin after one week; the denitrification rate increases with time. If the corals or other invertebrates react negatively to the use of Xport-NO3, is an indication that the nitrates were removed too aggressively. Reduce the dose by 50% and continue to use it as long as the nitrate concentration has not reached desired levels.
The required dosage of Xport-NO3 changes as the system ages and varying the biomass and the number of animals in the tub.
Denitrification is based on an adequate supply of organic carbon, and if the concentration of nitrates stops decrease during the first month of use of the product and there were no significant veriazioni of biomass and nutrients, it is possible that the organic carbon or phosphates are too low.
The use of Katalyst, Reef BioFuel, or FlorinAxis (in planted aquaria) by following the instructions on the label, you may need to make the carbon missing.
NeoPhos or Florin-P will bring phosphates. Replace ~ 25% of total Xport-NO3 every 3 - 4 months in densely populated aquariums, and every 6-8 months in systems with a low level of nutrients.
The maximum rate of denitrification is achieved by placing in sequence Xport-NO3 after Xport-BIO. Xport-PO4 can be placed after Xport-NO3 to facilitate the absorption of all the fosfati.Non put Xport-PO4 before Xport-NO3 respect to the flow of water, could inhibit the denitrification.

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Brightwell Aquatics X-port NO3 150gr 
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