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Brightwell Aquatics
Brightwell Aquatics
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Brightwell Aquatics Macrovore 125ml

Brightwell Aquatics Macrovore 125ml
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Price: 18,29Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: Brightwell Aquatics Macrovore 125ml




Macroalimentazione for anemones, LPS corals and invertebrates and planktivorous fish .


Suspension of eggs of marine crustaceans of North America with a size between ~ 0.7 - 1.2 mm .

Reinforced with essential amino acids in free form , the important vitamins for immune system function , oils rich in carotenoids of marine origin ( also rich in omega -3 polyunsaturated fatty acids ) and natural attractants to increase the incentive to alimentarsene in fish.

Rich in natural pigments known to enhance the overall coloration .

Suitable for feeding anemones , corals LPS , gorgonians , solitary polyps and in the colony, especially at night when they are everted to maximize your chances of catching prey.

Readily eaten by planktivorous fish .

Suitable for improving the color of all species of freshwater fish , including Discus .

Technical background

A large percentage of organisms ornamental reef zooplankton prey size visible to the naked eye , as well as particulate organic matter consisting of the remains of organisms that have not been entirely consumed by their predators . The use of organisms that are natural prey or parts thereof, that facilitates the transition of these organisms in captivity , rather than relying only on the feed granules or flakes , and is part of a food program for success.

Brightwell Aquatics Macrōvore meets the nutritional needs of motile and sessile organisms that feed on plankton and relatively large particulate organic matter in suspension. The nutritional profile of eggs used , promotes long-term health , growth and improved coloration of the bodies if they are fed. Macrōvore provides a suitable range of particle size for feeding many species of seahorses and to help planctivore species that are often difficult to nurture and to acclimate to captivity .

The nutritional impact of eggs and marine oils used , it helps to decrease the need for nourishment , providing a greater amount of nutrients per unit of dry mass , helping to reduce the overall impact of nutrition on water quality.

Macrōvore does not require refrigeration , however storage in a cool place , protected from light, prolong the effectiveness of vitamins. Refrigeration will maximize the life of the product .

Instructions and Guidelines

Shake well before use . Turn off the skimmer and other forms of mechanical filtration before adding food suspended in the aquarium and leave it off for 10-15 minutes after dosing before relighting.

Targeted feeding (anemones and corals ) : the targeted feeding can be done through a piece of rigid pipe for aerators, a plastic syringe , pipette , a dropper or similar tool ; suck a portion of Macrōvore in the tool chosen , then issuing the relevant content in the 5-10 cm slowly by the body from food , upstream of the current. Repeat this process until it is deemed necessary . Rinse the apparatus for feeding both externally and internally before using it again for the intake from the bottle , and the failure to comply with this instruction will contaminate the product , accelerating the decomposition. Read the note below about the maximum recommended amount of power .

The anemones can be fed at any time appear fully open feed the anemones with small amounts on a daily basis , rather than weekly , replicating the natural conditions and facilitating their health. Most of the corals estroflettono their polyps at night , when most of the fish and corallivori zooplanctivori are asleep and the presence of zooplankton through the water barrier is at its maximum abundance. Thus, the most suitable time for the administration of the Macrōvore corals is after turning off the lights in the aquarium ( preferably at least 1-2 hours) and the room is dark .


You can administer CoralAminō 5-10 minutes prior to administration of Macrōvore to elicit an urge to power and improve the rate of prey capture .

Administration dispersion (mainly fish ) : Feeding according to the nutritional needs of the fish and motile invertebrates accommodated in the system. A reasonable starting point would be up to a dose of 2.5 ml per 189 liters ( 50 gallons) of water the entire aquarium system , every other day for the first 4 weeks of use, the dosage may be increased gradually , if desired. Start with a lower dose and increase gradually over time will allow the biological filtration of the aquarium to adjust to increased intake of nutrients and prevent the deterioration of water quality. Notes: Macrōvore should be considered as a kind of food , overeating can lead to a deterioration of water quality through the accumulation of nutrients. Start with a lower dose and increase gradually over time will allow the biological filtration of the aquarium to adjust to increased intake of nutrients and prevent the deterioration of water quality.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for human use.

guaranteed analysis

Moisture ( max) 68.5 % protein (min ) 23 % , lipids (min ) 3.5% fiber ( min) 1.3% , Ash (max) 4%.


Purified Water, eggs of marine crustaceans , marine oils owners , ascorbic acid, amino acids and fatty acids in free form

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Brightwell Aquatics Macrovore 125ml 
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