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Brightwell Aquatics
Brightwell Aquatics
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Brightwell Aquatics Florin Volcanit Rio Escuro XF 2,4L

Brightwell Aquatics Florin Volcanit Rio Escuro XF 2,4L
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Price: 15,74Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: Brightwell Aquatics Florin Volcanit Rio Escuro XF 2,4L


Substrate BLACK -based volcanic ash in extra-fine particulates ( ~ 1mm ) .


Natural volcanic ash with beneficial properties for plant growth and long-term care of the fish and invertebrates that require water conditions with low GH and slight acidity .

Ideal for use as a substrate in shrimp biotope aquariums .

Alloy elements which increase the hardness , lowering the GH and producing slight acidification of the alkaline water at a pH below 7.

Used as a primary substrate , forming a basis for stable growth for aquarium plants with roots through :

1 . the development of a strong root system.

2 . support for the levy of nutrients through the roots by means of a greater movement of interstitial water (compared to substrates of high density) and to an environment with acidic pH .

3 . the possibility of the roots of the plants remain sufficiently oxygenated maintaining health.

Technical background

In wooded areas and river , the concentration of nutrients in the water column tends to be poor in itself , and the majority of the nutrients is concentrated in the substrate which constitutes the bottom of the river ; these nutrients are present mainly as a result of continuous accumulation of mineral and organic sediments carried by the current upstream to downstream . The water chemistry in these environments river tends to be slightly to moderately acidic and generally poor in elements that contribute to the total hardness (GH). The endemic plants of these places , which are the most commonly grown species in the aquarium , they get a considerable percentage of their nutrients through their roots , so it is correct to use a substrate for their growth that facilitates the supply of nutrients to the roots and that at the same time strengthen the growth of the root system and the long term health of the plants.

Equally incorrect is thus maintain plants, fish and invertebrates (such as the various species of shrimp reared in aquariums dedicated to them or as algae eaters ) endemic to these areas in terms of water similar to those in which they evolved , especially in terms pH and mineral content , and is likely to have a positive outcome on their health. FlorinVolcanīt Rio Escuro -XF is composed of natural volcanic ash that took the form of particles similar to oblong pearls . The beads are solid but still flexible and are tough enough to maintain their shape for one or more years , depending on the specific chemical system water ( alkaline water tends to deteriorate the material more quickly than a less alkaline water leaving ) . Rio Escuro -XF gradually lowers GH and pH to recreate the conditions that favor the long-term management of plants, fish and invertebrates endemic to the rivers of the rainforest, rivers and ponds .

Instructions and guidelines

Generally it is not necessary to rinse Rio Escuro -XF before placing it in a new aquarium , since this is a natural material , it is possible that they could be present in the

packaging small pieces of wood . Consult a reliable source of information for the specific needs of the depth of the soil of the plants that are going to host and proceed according to those guidelines . Make sure the tank is empty and clean (if added in aquaria filled with water, will temporarily turbid ) . Add Rio Escuro XF - up to the height of the desired substrate , wanting the substrate can be tilted from the front glass of the rear window. You can use the mineral sand to improve the appearance of the layout, if desired. Prepare a volume of water sufficient to fill the system by adjusting the values ​​of pH , alkalinity and hardness. Add in the aquarium slowly and without ruining the bottom, enough water to barely cover the substrate , and then start planting and , when finished, start to slowly fill the whole tank to the desired level with the remaining water . Due to the semi- open susbstrato and the resulting increased water diffusion through this , you can use liquid fertilizers and supplements , instead of solid products, with maximum control of water chemistry and the best results . The quickest way to start the colonization of the seabed by using beneficial bacteria is FlorinBacter according to the recommended instructions . The other line of fertilizers Florin can be employed according to need . With time, the capacity of Rio Café neutralize decreases and the substrate can be replaced as deisderato . The use tampons for the alkalinity ( buffer ) and products to increase the pH will accelerate the deterioration of the substrate. Do not use with undergravel filters .

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Brightwell Aquatics Florin Volcanit Rio Escuro XF 2,4L 
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