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Brightwell Aquatics
Brightwell Aquatics
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Brightwell Aquatics DiscusCode 250ml (trace elements and trace elements for Discus) for Freshwater Aquariums

Brightwell Aquatics DiscusCode 250ml  (trace elements and trace elements for Discus) for Freshwater Aquariums
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Price: 7,71Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product:. Brightwell Aquatics DiscusCode 250ml  (trace elements and trace elements for Discus) for Freshwater Aquariums

Classification: Solution of trace elements and trace elements.
Physical state: Liquid solution
Available Sizes: 125-ml, 250-ml, 500-ml.

General technical information:

The role that trace elements and trace elements play with Discus and other fish of the same family, is related to neurological and metabolic processes (in which these elements play a critical role), are also involved in color (they are often the heart of pigments that enhance the color) Determine the product with every water change is the most effective way to make these substances obtained the maximum benefit. Discus originate in many areas of still waters of the basin of the Amazon. Especially wells, small creeks, and streams of dark waters.

A low pH (5.0 + / -0.5), caused by lack of buffer molecules and a low conductivity, are the characteristics of these waters. Obtaining spessoè these conditions is the goal of beginners who come to the world of Discus. Trying to get this result will make the care of Discus more complex than it actually is. Although, up to 10 years ago, the Discus were mostly catch Discus today were born in captivity and their reproduction in the tank, are the fixed points of the fans of these fish. For this reason, the water conditions that keep the discus may be very different from those of their habitat, particularly the ease with keeping the water relatively hard and alkaline (typical conditions of the water in the U.S. and Europe, where they are reproduced most of the discus.

The conditions of the rivers of Southeast Asia, from which the Discus catch, are more than a hard and alkaline water habitats ax.) is recommended to keep the discus in this range: pH 5.5 - 7.0; dGH 10 - 15; dKH 3 - 5; know the parameters of the water where your Discus have been bred (if not catch) and keep them in aquariums, is a good way to go. Many ornamental fish, as Cardinal Tetra and other Characins, Festivum and Uaru, come, expenses, from the same waters which originate Discus. DiscusCōde can be used in aquariums are home to these fish there with equal success.

General Specifications:

  • This unique complex of trace elements and trace elements, the proportions in which these elements are found in the product are ideal for the welfare of Discus and other fish that share the same areas of origin       
  • Make trace elements and trace elements used in important neurological and metabolic reactions and that are embedded in natural biopigmenti that give the color.       
  • Restore the concentration of trace elements and trace elements used by the inhabitants of the aquarium or subtracted through chemical filtration (resin or activated charcoal).       
  • Contains only osmosis water and ingredients of high purity. Does not increase significantly, GH or KH.
  • Formulated on the basis of extensive studies on the chemistry of the waters inhabited by Discus, and also on scientific observations of their requirements of trace elements and trace elements.

Instructions and Guidelines:

Methods for chemical filtration (such as macroporous resins) that aggressively absorb organic materials, humic substances from water quickly exstract aquarium useful feature if you're trying to eliminate these substances, but harmful if incorporated. In the latter case, it is preferable to use activated carbon as filter media. Normal: Shake well before use. Add 10 drops of the product per 100 liters of aquarium water, on alternate days. If you use this way, 250 ml of product treats up to 10,000 liters of water. This dose can also be used for aquariums that are home to several species of fresh fish.

Advanced: With the exception of iron, there are no valid tests to measure the concentration of trace elements and trace elements in freshwater aquariums. It is not therefore possible to chemically determine the exact dosage of trace elements and trace elements to be administered. We recommend that new users of this product to dose 1 ml per 40 liters of water once a week for the first four weeks. This corresponds to 0:14 determination ml (~ 3 drops) per 40 liters per day. Later, you can increase the dose weekly to 2 ml per 40 liters for the following 4 weeks, and maintain this dosage. Starting with a low dose will not cause any harm to animals and you will be able to notice the subtle changes throughout the system, indicating the effectiveness of the product. is preferable to daily dosing rather than once a week, this to maintain a more stable and natural. Although trace elements and trace elements are essential for many fundamental biological processes, their overdose may be dangerous to the inhabitants of the aquarium.  Trace elements, in aquariums, are made unavailable especially absorption by the particulate organic (POM)); For this reason, aquariums with large concentrations of latent organic material, may require slightly higher doses of product to compensate that related to them. In any case, the underlying organic material should be removed as possible to avoid a deterioration in water quality. The use of activated carbon removes trace elements and trace elements, for this reason the product should be redose after the use of coal.

Keep out of reach of children. Not for human use.

Ingredients: Water osmosis, sodium metavanadate, Zinc sulfate, Nickel chloride, chromium chloride, sodium Feredetato, manganese chloride, strontium chloride, cobalt chloride. Zinc (min) 0.0092 mg / oz., Iron (min) 0.00095 mg / oz.; Manganese 0.00052 mg / oz., (Min) Cobalt (min) 0.000052 mg / oz.

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Brightwell Aquatics DiscusCode 250ml (trace elements and trace elements for Discus) for Freshwater Aquariums 
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