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Brightwell Aquatics
Brightwell Aquatics
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Brightwell Aquatics BoroChrom 500ml

Brightwell Aquatics BoroChrom 500ml
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Price: 12,71Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Product: Brightwell Aquatics BoroChrom 500ml


Concentrated solution of boron to increase the growth and the red colouration in zooxanthellate corals .


Boron provides , a component of alkalinity that is also involved in the intensity of tissue staining coral through the presence in phytopigments red .

Encourages the formation of biogenic aragonite (increasing the growth rates of coralline algae , as well as the skeletal growth of corals and other reef -building organisms ) .

Considerably stronger than the supplements Boro competitors. Use pure active ingredients .

Formulated by a marine scientist .


Technical background

In natural sea water , the boron is an element not conservative with a concentration of about 4.54 ppm . Boron plays an active role in regulating the pH of marine environments and , keeping the boron in the boron concentrations in the narrow range of natural sea water , compared to systems deficient in boron , usually result in faster growth of coralline algae and training aragonite reef builders in invertebrates , when I met all the other physical and chemical requirements . Recent experiments carried out by maintaining levels of boron slightly higher in reef aquariums , indicate an increased production of red phytopigments , increasing the intensity of the color of zooxanthellate corals with yellow color , orange or red .


The importance of boron for organisms builders barrier is more evident when it begins to administer in aquariums with boron deficiency , and / or in which the mixture of the salt used is deficient of Boron in these cases , the speed change growth of coralline algae , as well as the appearance of many corals, can be observed in the first weeks of daily dosing . Keep the boron in the range of 4-6 ppm is sufficient for long-term health , growth and coloration of corals when I met all the other physical and chemical requirements . The speed at which the boron is consumed is determined by the density of population of organisms that consume it , the rate of production of weak acids which have an impact on alkalinity and pH , the composition of the buffer substances used in the system , the characteristics of illumination and the method of filtering, and other conditions biological, physical and chemical properties, so each aquarium has different needs dose of boron . Once the consumption of Boron in the aquarium , can be easily calculated by the adequate dosage of this supplement . We recommend using a salt with an alkalinity adequate (not too high) and with a concentration of major, minor and trace appropriate in order to create the aquarium the essential parameters of natural sea water and maintain a stable ionic balance .

Instructions and Guidelines

Read all instructions before using. Shake the bottle before each use . The concentration of boron in natural sea water is about 4.54 ppm, it is advisable to maintain the concentration of boron in reef aquariums in a range of between 4 and 6 ppm . Maintaining high concentrations of boron may be observed enhanced red coloration of the coral tissues , however, one should pay attention to the alkalinity and the pH, when it employs BoroChrōm for this purpose. Gradually increase the concentration of boron ( no more than about 1 ppm per day) will allow greater stability to water chemistry and is highly recommended . The maximum concentration of Boron sustainable is 8 ppm . The color changes we could be 1-4 weeks to become visible, and each colony will respond differently ( some may not visibly change color , depending on the base color , duration of dosage and concentration of boron sustainable by the system) , and the results may vary.

Determine the concentration of boron in the aquarium with the use of an accurate test before integrating . Each ml (approximately 20 drops) of BoroChrōm increase the concentration of boron in 3.785 liters ( 1 gallon ) of water of about 1.5 ppm (about 0.075 ppm per drop ) . If the initial concentration of boron in the aquarium is below 1.5 ppm , administer the product at the maximum dose of 1ml per 378.5 liters ( 100 gallons) per day , as long as the concentration of boron does not arrive between 4 to 7 ppm , then administered daily or weekly as needed. Always try to maintain the boron in a range of + / -2 ppm . To determine the dosage of this product once it reaches the desired concentration , measure your daily intake of boron in the aquarium , measuring it every day at the same time for a period of 1-2 weeks. To determine the daily dosing ( preferable to weekly ) for the maintenance of Boron, make an estimate of the volume of water present in the entire aquarium system , divide the decline in the level of Boro 1.5 , multiply this number by the volume of water present in the system ( in gallons ) to obtain the daily dosage required ( in ml ) to maintain a stable level of boron . The daily dosage allows levels of [B ] more stable ( and a more natural environment ) compared to weekly dosing , which causes a peak of Boron immediately after administration and a gradual decline during the course of the week.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for human use.

guaranteed analysis

Boron ( min) 5.678 ppm


Purified water , salts of boron of high purity.

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Brightwell Aquatics BoroChrom 500ml 
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